Monday, May 5, 2008

Another pick me up story for the day...

So, a few weeks ago there was this boxer mix at a pound in southern Ohio. The dog came in with another dog. The other dog was adopted / rescue pretty fast but the boxer never had anyone interested in him.. not a rescue not a regular person nothing! After being at the pound for 2 months the dog warden just had to put him down. no one wanted this dog. A wonderful volunteer at the pound put out one file plea for the dog...

I don't normally rescue boxers but there was just something about him. I felt so bad that someone took his friend and not him, not fair! "Ok, Tammi (the volunteer) you made me feel guilty I will take him" I emailed to her. In the back of my mind I thought "what am I doing?"

Well Thursday transport comes and I get the boxer. He seemed like a nice dog a little confused but a nice dog. I got him home and got him settled in and started working with him until Tuesday when I took him to the clinic to get neutered and shots. I got him back on Friday and worked with him for another week. I worked him to sit and walk nice on a leash. It was pretty easy as I think he already knew most of it, he just sat at a pound for so long he sort of forgot.

Well after having him about 2 or 3 weeks this great family came and took him home! He has been in his home since Friday 05/02/2008. They sent me an update today and this is what is said

"He is doing great, still doesn't eat that much but just nerves i guess, ever since he got here and has a house to be in now he never wants to go outside. He goes out to do his business and that is it. I think maybe he thinks we will leave him out there or something. He is attached to my hip anytime i get up walk around he is my shadow we just love him, thanks Lisa"

And attached to the email was this

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