Saturday, May 17, 2008


So, I had the adoption event in the Dayton area today. All I can say is ugh! Not one of the 9 dogs I took got adopted and I came home with 3 more senior JRT's.

Let me tell you the story about these 3. Someone left 4 JRT's cramped in a cage outside of the pound one night. The warden comes the next day to find them. They are 4 older dogs left with no names, no information, nothing! The male was adopted and the 3 older females I picked up today. They appear to be spayed.. I will take them to the vet this week to find out for sure. The look to be 5 Dorothy, 7 - Blanche and 5 - Rose. Seriously who would have dogs for that long and then just leave them never knowing their outcome?

This is why I am asking WHY? How can someone have a dog for years and one day just decided they don't want it any more. I stare into the faces of the dogs I save from the pounds, they are so sad, confused, scared, lonely.... How can you one day just look at your dog that you have cared for, taken for car rides, in some cases (especially lately) have had them spayed / neutered and teeth cleaned (that isn't cheap) and just say to them "You want to go BYE BYE?" Have them willing go into the car with you, excited they get to go for a ride!! You take them to the pound where you are pretty much handing them a death sentence and just walk away while they cry and bark for you because a strange man is holding the end of their leash that you have held for so many years? The man then walks them into a cold, dark, probably wet and smelly area with many other dogs barking and just drops them into a kennel with no bed, no toys, NOTHING but the cold wet dark floor to lay on. Just hours ago they were eating out of their cute little bowl with paw prints on it, sleeping nicely on the couch or their dog bed and maybe even got a good belly scratch.

How many dogs does this happen to but instead of me or another rescue person coming and saving them they are walked to the back room of the pound??

I just don't understand how anyone can do this to a family member, a living breathing creature. I only hope that someone will treat them with the love and respect they have shown their dog when they get old or when they don't welcome them into their new home or the million of other stupid excuses people make to justify being nothing but total assholes. Sorry but their is no better word to describe them then assholes.

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