Monday, May 5, 2008

Why rescue is worth it

Last year a little 6 month old JRT came into our rescue. The pound said he was a stray and no one claimed him.. story for most dogs. He was so cute and so sweet but had been at the pound for 2 weeks and well he had to go. So, Gloria picked him up from the pound and brought him to my house. Oh did I love this little dog. He was so good and just had the best personality ever.

I took him into work for a photo shoot for a Christmas card that did make it to the stores Christmas 2007. The card was so cute!

He was adopted about week after his photo shoot by a nice family in Columbus area. They already had a dog from our rescue that their daughter showed in 4H. Apparently she does very well. The mom wanted to get involved in agility too so they were look for a new family member and agility dog. Beanie fit the bill.

Well after having him close to a year now and teaching him all the agility stuff he had a competition and WON 2 blue ribbons. YAY!!!!

This is why rescue is all worth it... this dog went from unwanted to close to death to rescued to in the best home he could have ever asked for!!!!

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