Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hoping for the best...

Well I am hoping this weekend will turn out to be a good weekend for adopting dogs. I am going to do an adoption event on Sunday. Fingers crossed that some of them get adopted.... I just can't believe I have so many dogs and no one looking. I just found out today about 3 more JRT's that will die if I can't get them out... I just don't have the room. UGH!

I am not feeling as down as I was the other day thanks to my foster homes but now I have a few dogs with kennel cough and I am watching the other closely. Little Katie that I got from the pound last week has cancer really badly but I am hoping to at least get her fixed up enough to slow it down so she can live the rest of her life happy and truly loved. I am guessing the cancer is why the owner turned her in... ugh! JERKS! I hope when they get sick their family just walks away from them.... karma baby!!

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