Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UGH! What a week...

Well last Wed some crappy things happened at work. That really sucks because I LOVE my job, my company, my boss and well that bubble burst a little bit. So, that started a long line of crappy things....

Thursday I was supposed to get 2 JRT's off transport. When I meet the transport 1 of my JRT's was on it and the other dog was not my JRT and I am not even sure what it was.. LOL! After a TON of drama and trying to figure out what to do another rescue stepped up and helped me! Thank goodness.

Friday... I don't think anything bad happened Friday.. LOL!! I did get another JRT off transport from Richland County Pound named JJ... I will talk more about him in a minute.

Saturday I had to get up at the crack of dawn and help my dad at the market with his flowers.. ugh! I was there till about noon, went to the dog pound, pulled 2 dogs. One for another rescue but I am holding the dog until all the vet care is done.. ugh! Then I had to rush home shower and change to go to Lizzy's baby shower (I HATE SHOWERS). There was some confusion surrounding the street that the hall was on so that was a mess. I then left the baby shower to rush home b/c I had a few adoptions and then I had to take care of the animals and help my dad unload from the market.

Sunday was a calmer day BUT it rained and I had to pick up 6 dogs from Gloria... 2 got adopted yesterday, 1 was going to the clinic and 1 was coming to me for evaluation. So, when I went to bed on Sunday night I had 5 dogs in each one of my kennel runs. UGH! that is 15 foster dogs, 1 in the barn and 1 in the house.

Then comes Monday (yesterday). UGH! I found out around 10am that Tom from the dog pound passed away, 4 of my JRT's go out of their pen, killed a chicken, one of them bit my dad so badly that it took forever for him to stop bleeding and then ran off. My dad called me at work not making an sense so I rushed home from work and fixed him up and found the dogs.

The one dog bit Kirsten when she was loading it into the car.... this is the same on that tried to eat my dad. So, I put him to sleep. Then the dog JJ that I got on Friday I had a vet appointment for him to see if something was wrong with his teeth b/c I couldn't get near his face.

Well at the vet office he showed his true colors and was trying to eat EVERYONE. So, I had to put him to sleep. By the time I left the vet office I was crying so hard I had to sit in my car and chill so that I could drive.

The only good thing is 2 got adopted.

Today Tuesday is better. No drama. I did get to drop off 5 dogs to the clinic so I don't get them back till Friday... small vacation for me!!!

Oh Thursday I am getting two more dogs... JRT's. And Saturday I have an adoption event in Dayton. Let's hope it is worth the gas money!

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