Monday, May 19, 2008


Thank you to my foster homes for how wonderful you all are. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

This fostering stuff is such a pain in the butt I totally know it is, it is totally thankless, totally time consuming, I understand. But without you how many dogs would die? For the first time in the 5 years of volunteering in dog rescue and the past 2 years of running both my own rescue and Ohio Russell Rescue I have to say I AM FULL! It is so depressing. However, I know that because of all of YOU my foster homes that if I need to squeeze one if I probably could.

If I could pay you for all your hard work I would... if I could take you out for a nice dinner to say THANK YOU I would, I really would.

The best I can offer to you is pick up your foster dog, look him / her in the eyes and say "I promise you will be safe and loved from now on." Their eyes will say back to you "Thank you for my life!"

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