Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from vacation

Well it was nice to get away. Of course every chance I got I was on the computer checking on what dogs needed help and checking out applications as they came in.

Carter went for a trail while I was gone and was officially adopted yesterday. Graycee was adopted yesterday and Daisy was being "baby sat" and her baby sitter adopted her yesterday AND Romeo's baby sitter adopted him.

That leaves me with Rudy (who isn't posted yet), Denny (who I have an application on him that I got on vacation that I love), Eddie (who is still going through treatment), Brutus, Darla, Tootie, Lucky and Ceasar. That isn't too bad. Eddie, Rudy and Darla are the only ones at my house.. and Darla was in a foster home till the day I got back.

I got back at 4pm on Saturday and had arranged a HUGE transport of 6 dogs to arrive around 4:30 :-)

WOW was that an adventure. I am seriously out of my mind.. I should see a therapist.. LOL!

So, the transporter April was on her way with 6 JRT's that she had picked up from Kathy who picked them up on Friday in Columbus... confused yet? Anyway, April is almost to my house when she spots a black lab mix running down the middle of a major rd. Of course as would any animal lover she stops and the dog has tags YAY! She calls me, I call the dog pound and get the address, phone number, name of the owner and the dogs name. April goes to the person's house. No one is home, there is a leash but no water in sight. She tries calling, no answer. She leaves a message and tells them to call me. She heads to my house now with 6 JRT's and a black lab.

The owner of the black lab did call and come get their dog.

Now for the JRT's. We unloaded them 1 by 1 and put them on a tight out so they could potty in the grass and I could get the kennels ready. Now remember I have been home all of a 1/2 hour when the dogs showed up. I unload the 4-wheelers, helped my husband park the trailer, took all our stuff in the house... Of course while doing all this Eddie and Denny who were both in the fenced area where Sam had put them when I got home got out of the fence. UGH! And right at 4:30 my sister, her mother in law and her niece all show up at the farm to see the animals. Her niece is in town for a few weeks. She lives in Michigan.

SO! We unload the JRT's and get the kennels ready. Petey my dog.. bad dog... had spent the week at my best friends house. He was VERY happy to be home but I think he got use to being an only dog. Poor Ava goes walking by Petey on a leash. She is smelling the ground and walked up to Petey and started smelling him. Petey growled.. Petey always growls. I am not sure what happened after that but Ava ended up with 3 stitches in her neck! THANKS PETEY! Bad dog..

Poor Ava is now scared out of her mind.. well she was already shy so that didn't help. I put her in a crate, call my vet who is NOT open but left a message for the vet on call. In the mean time we take another dog out, Q of the create and walk him over to the tie out. Kathy who kept him over night and transported him from Columbus said use caution he seems tense and could bite. When you have been dealing with dogs as long as Kathy and I have been you know when you have a biter even before they bite.. at least 80% of the time you can tell.

Sam took Gilbert out the crate in the car and walked him to a tie out near Q. Q attacked Gilbert. Luckily I was right there and I ran over and REMOVED Q from Gilbert. Poor Gilbert was like what the hell dude! Sam scooped him up quickly and realized his ear was bleeding. And ears bleed A LOT. She took him towards the house to get a cold compress for his ear.

I had removed Q from Gilbert and said NO just raising my voice and pointing at him. It was like something out of the movies. He LUNGED at me, teeth baring, growling like he was possessed. I jumped back and he was tied so the tie out jerked him back so he didn't bite me THANK GOD! Seriously if I wouldn't have jumped back he would have gotten me in the stomach that is how high he was lunging. He stood at the end of the tie out with it totally tight chomping and growling at me for at least a good minute. No one could get near him for at least 15 minutes. You know how dogs pull on a leash so they are running but almost in place... yea that is what this dog was doing but he was trying to eat me.

We all just left him alone. Not like we could get near him.

So, the vet finally called back and I told him about Ava and he was the office so he said come on in. I told him I had a second dog that needed to be put to sleep. He said yea, that is fine bring him in too.

I took a crate walked over to Q with the crate between me and him. This was nearly 20 minutes later so he had calmed down... I set the crate on the ground and he walked into it and stuck his head out. I unhooked the tie out and shut the door doing all this VERY cautiously.

That dog scared me! I mean I have NEVER had a dog go after me like that NEVER! Not like that anyway.

April took both Ava and Q to the vet and all was taken care of.

Ava is at April's now being fostered and has 6 stitches. Poor dog.

After all that craziness, I got everyone else put away and settled in for the night. Then I mowed my front pasture where I let the dogs out. I mowed 2 tennis balls and my ball launcher :-( I am so upset about my ball launcher.. I LOVE THAT THING. I wish I knew who left it out there.. grr.

That was it for Saturday............... ON TO SUNDAY!

Sunday I let the dogs out around 11am to play in the fence, filled up their baby pool and they played all day till about 4pm. 3 dogs were adopted and I got in a mom and 7 puppies :-) JRT / Aussie Mix puppies. Who thought that was a good idea.. LOL! My two favorite breeds mixed together... man it is going to be hard to let them ALL GO.

I will be sure to get pictures up ASAP so stay tuned.

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Gulliver said...

The ball launcher wasn't me, I was on horse duty only (and playing with Rudy of course...I love that weirdo)