Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well first of all there are JRT's falling from the sky...... hello overwhelmed I have NOT missed you.. LOL!

I wanted to share with you the response from the lady that is interested in Reggie. I feel so much better about her response to my many "why did you have puppies question" Here is her email

Yes, we did have her breed only once, we had several people who knew her ask if we did ever let her have pups they would be interested. She had 6 puppies and they were taken to the vet for tail docks and to be checked over along with Crickets after birth checkup.
The pups were 8 weeks old or older when they left our place. The owner of the male took one, two friends of ours each took one, the family we got Cricket from took one, by word of mouth a lady in Jamestown (not far from us) picked one, and the last one went to a nice couple with two kids. Everyone was told that they were responsible for their pups shots and vet care and needed to do that asap.
It was so hard to give them up, what a joy they all were. I once considered being a dog breeder as a side adventure, but since the world is so full of homeless dogs I feel otherwise now and encourage adoption to anyone who asks me if we will have more pups or is looking for a dog.
I appreciate your concern for finding quality homes for your rescue cases. I assure you Reggie will have the best of care, lots of room to play and a life full of love.

Talk to you later.

How great is that. Makes me feel so much better. I realize it is sad that 6 puppies were brought into this world but you know what not everyone knows EVERYTHING and the fact that she has educated her self / I have helped educate her is the best outcome. How else are we supposed to stop this over population issue if we don't educate.

Unlike the grumpy lady who yelled at me for me denying her application because her male wasn't fixed this women has taken the steps to "fix" the problem and is now educated in the reason why spay/ neuter is so important.

I received this today and thought it was funny so need to share!


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Thanks for sharing both letters and the alter logo you received - I hope you literally meant to share it as I did copy it to use :). So sharp, snazzy and important! Beagles are falling from the sky, too - sigh.

Allison at Novice Life said...

You couldn't have asked for a better explanation :)

Anonymous said...

Is she getting the dog?

Dog Rescuer said...

They are coming to meet him (if they all get along) adopt him AFTER her dog is fixed.