Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heartworm strikes again

Holy cow can you believe 4th time this year I have a dog with heartworm. I have only had 1 heartworm positive dog in the over 500 dogs I have taken in since I started in December 2005 and now all of a sudden I have had 4 dogs this year with heartworm and 2 of them have cancer so there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. Because their owners are lazy sacks of shit they now have a death sentence.

In both of the heartworm positive dogs with cancer could have EASILY been saved if NUMBER 1 they were fixed. BOTH dogs that have cancer would have NEVER EVER EVER gotten cancer if they were fixed. Both dogs had their cancer start in their reproductive organs and then it spread. And actually I had Sasha with mammary cancer just a few months ago but I was able to save her because it did not spread and because she didn't have heartworm.

OMG people make me so angry.

So now I have to find someone to take in a dog with major cancer and heartworms. The dog could live a week, a month, a year or 10 years who knows. He is totally not adoptable but there is not a chance I am going to put him to sleep but now I need to find hospice care for him.

Poor little guy because some asshole didn't neuter him or give him heartworm prevention which is a HUGE $5.00 per month the dog will die. REAL NICE!


Anonymous said...

This is soooo sad. He is the absolute best dog. So sweet. My wish is that when his time is up he goes peacefully in his sleep with no pain. Best wishes to Reese and whoever takes care of him. :(

Calsidyrose said...

I totally agree: spay/neuter is the best way to prevent cancer involving reproductive parts. And Heartworm ignorance makes my blood boil.

Up to 40 percent of the adult dogs arriving at our Shelter are heartworm positive. And that's among the adoption room dogs, only--they don't get tested until they are that far in the process stream (and we're switching from the SNAP test to a different test because the SNAP tests are so expensive to purchase--but that's a different topic).

Keep up the good work!