Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Choosing who dies

How the heck am I supposed to decide what 3 dogs can come into my rescue? How can you expect a person to know of at least 10 JRTs in need and get email after email after email of different mix breed dogs that need help and expect that person to choose? How is that fair?

I have 3 open spots in my kennels.. ONLY 3 open spots and I have to choose who lives and how dies. How the heck is that fair, right, possible, etc.

So tonight I sit down and look at all my email requests for URGENT help and decide who is really urgent (meaning knowing the pound and knowing how quickly they kill), who has been there the longest and who has the best chance of being adopted from the shelter and who really needs my help.

I have choose 2 so far and I have one spot left so now I have to decide between the owner surrender that was taken to the pound and dumped b/c the wife no longer wants a dog or the older female who is in a southern Ohio shelter that doesn't stand a chance of getting out?
Who lives? Who dies?

Why does anyone have to die?

I keep thinking of sweet Jimmy who I rescued a few weeks ago. He is such a sweet dog and was adopted last Saturday. I only had that dog for 2 weeks and I just feel in love with him. He NO DOUBT would have died in the shelter. The thought makes me sick!


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Exactly why I have more dogs than I should in my sanctuary. As I told my license surveyor, I am about the only dedicated Beagle/hound rescue between Kansas City and Mississippi :(. How do I keep turning dogs down? I have to, I know, but, like you, it is not fair nor right. I tend to lean to the seniors who won't have any chance but have given good lives to people and hunters only to be discarded.

House of the Discarded said...

Welcome to my world of cat rescue. :(

The saddest part about all this is that *WE* are the ones that lose sleep over it. *WE* end up feeling horrible and guilty for those we leave behind.

Yet the ones that abandoned these sweet animals walk away without a tear.

I don't get it either. Never will