Friday, July 30, 2010

Jack Russells EVERYWHERE

There are a BUNCH for JRT's in need right now. There are a bunch of dogs in need right now. It is crazy, I hate when this happens. I am full to the brim with dogs and I have to say NO to dogs who are slated to die. No sorry can't help this dog or that dog. That is a horrible feeling... "I am sorry you have to die." UGH! SICK!

What am I supposed to do though? I am not going to be any help to anyone if I have too many dogs, can't afford their vet care and I am all stressed out. Totally sucks.

I don't really have time but maybe I do need to do another adoption event. I mean I did get 3 dogs adopted on Saturday and I have a lady who went home completed an application and is coming over Saturday for one of the puppies. She is a great home. So, that is good but it is so much work to get everything together and it takes up the entire day.

I dunno... I wish, I wish for more homes......


Life with 5 dogs said...

I have noticed alot of Jak Russell's for adoption here in Nh also. I think people think they are getting little lap dog and the jack is far from that!

Dog Rescuer said...

that and they want a dog just like WISHBONE or EDDIE from the Fraiser TV show. UGH! Plus JRT's are REALLY REALLY cute puppies so they sell really well in pet stores.


9258 Photo said...

I've got the 9 year old displaced by the tornado taken care of. One of my fosters got adopted and I took her in here. If anyone is looking for a broken coat with prick ears I've got the girl for you.