Monday, July 26, 2010

Not too bad

This weekend wasn't too bad. I had 3 adoptions. GREAT HOMES TOO so I am really excited about that. I have someone coming for Reggie on Sunday. I have someone interested in Ava just waiting to hear back from them and I have a few applications on the puppies. I need to print out all the applications on the puppies, go through them and select the best possible matches for each puppy. It is always so hard to choose homes for puppies. I hate turning people down because I know how much they want the puppy but when someone who lives in a "small apt." wants an Aussie / JRT mix I know it isn't a good match!!

Looks like I am getting in a few dogs this week. UGH! Just what I needed. LOL! Things should start to slow down on the dogs coming in. July is always crazy b/c so many dogs run off b/c of fireworks.

September is the next big month. That is when kids go back to school and the families decide that having a dog while the kids are in school is too much like work so the dump it.

I wish the people that dump their dogs would know / see what their dogs go through after they are dumped. I have a dog right now that was returned to the rescue after 2 years. The dog was perfectly normal when it left. Now he is fat and I am mean like I fear for his health fat and he is scared of the world. He SCREAMS like a pig when you pick him up, he rolls over and pees on himself when you try to put a leash on him. Poor dog.

I sent him to a foster home that is home more and can give him more attention then I can so I am hoping he comes around. I can't put him up for adoption acting the way he does or being that fat.

I just wish people looked at animals as having feelings and not like a new purse that they can throw away when they are done using it.

Well then again people treat each other poorly so why should I expect them to treat animals nicely.

Here is to hoping for some good adoptions this coming up week. There are always more dogs to save!

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