Monday, August 2, 2010


It seems I am getting a lot of applications from people with un altered dogs. Ok, so this is my chance to help educate. Out of all the applications I have received where I explained to them why I can't approve their application but will re consider if they get their dog fixed ONLY ONE PERSON has said "Oh geez, I didn't know all this" and had her dog fixed. ONLY 1.

I posted the nasty comments from the lady with the boxer but can you believe I actually got one from someone who has 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs that live in their garage and that they are going to breed. The female is almost 2 years old and the male is just about 1 years old. They said the female they were going to breed 2 times and then have her spayed but the male was going to stay a stud. UGH! I seriously wanted to vomit.

I wrote back to them and said I hope you know that Ohio is cracking down on people breeding and you have to have a kennel's license, a vendor's license, collect tax and pay income tax on the sale of the puppies. I haven't heard back surprise surprise. UGH!

Why in God's name would you want to add more dogs to this world. I don't care how rare and special you THINK your dog is but seriously your dog is only special to you. Sorry but that is so true.

Well I am hoping that the applications I have left over from Friday of last week come out ok. I need to get some of these dogs moved, QUICKLY! I am going to do an adoption event at Pet Smart on Saturday..... let's hope I can get some of these dogs into home!

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