Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking it one day at a time

I received an email last night from an adopter who said that she doesn't know how I do it, the sad stories are enough to make her cry. I guess it is like being a crime scene investigator or an ER Nurse / Doctor you get use to it. Then I stopped and thought about that for a minute... WOW that is sad, you get use to the abuse, the neglect.. that I think is more sad then anything. I mean to see something so horrible so much that it doesn't bother you.

Well I guess that isn't a fair statement "it doesn't bother you" Oh because it does. I mean that is the point of me having this blog so that I can share what bothers me. If I didn't have this outlet I could only imagine how sad I would be all the time or angry, ya know? Writing it all down seems to help me coupe. I also think it is a good education for anyone who stumbles upon it. At least I hope so.. maybe someone out there was thinking of buying or maybe someone out there was thinking of breeding and maybe they ran across this blog and it helped to open their eyes. maybe?

Well this week was for sure a hard week, I had to say NO to every request that came in asking me to take a JRT or mix in. I just don't have the room. Last week I agreed to take in 4 males so those are coming today. I feel so bad that lives have been taken but how much can one person do?

I did receive some good news this week. My county dog pound is thinking about instituting a mandatory spay / neuter for all dogs leaving the pound. IT IS ABOUT TIME! I mean I know this isn't going to solve all the problems in the state but this will be just one more county pound that does this and that brings us one step closer. It might be a tiny step but it is a step and that is all that matters.

Well cross your paws that this weekend is a good weekend. I am taking the beagle puppies to PetSmart tomorrow in hopes some of them find homes. Waldo, my sweet Waldo is getting adopted on Sunday and I have someone who wants to come see Mork on Tuesday. That would be nice, to have a few adopted.

Of course there are like 10 that could take their place :-(

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Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Beagle puppies? Oh, be still my heart as I am full, too. Someone once accused a rescue director friend and myself of not feeling the pain of death when animals died because we are nurses and see it all the time. It was about the most insulting thing anyone could ever say to me. Yes, I may see both human and animal death more than the average person but it still breaks my heart each time. You do good - rant away when you need to and we will listen, support and call you on it if you get too much into a pity party! But we all need to let off steam on occasion!