Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Rascal's owner

Dear Mr. Smith -

Your dog was picked up by the local shelter and sat there for 2 weeks waiting for you to come pick him up. Even though you didn't care about him, he loved you. He ran in circles pacing his concrete kennel at the shelter until his feet were bloody. Since you never came back for him and he was so confused and literally was going crazy in that concrete jail cell the shelter was going to put him down. LUCKY for Rascal my friend Kathy felt sorry for him and took him in. Rascal was so skinny.. I guess you didn't have time to buy dog food because it was clear he hadn't eaten in a LONG TIME or at least not consistently. He had no hair where his collar was, I am guessing you just tied him up outside because you didn't want to deal with him any more. That was so nice of you, I hope when you become annoying to your family they tie you up outside and "forget" to feed you.

Kathy had Rascal for 2 weeks but had me take him to work with him a little more. Something was just not right with him. I took him in and worked with him for nearly a month. He was such a sweet dog, he would wrap his legs around my neck and literally would hug me. He got attached to me quickly. Obviously it is because I showed him love and attention something he NEVER got from you, that was clear.

Due to the fact you mistreated Rascal so badly, starving him, chaining him up outside and you must have beaten him because he was clearly "not all there"

Rascal had good days, don't get me wrong. He was so good in the house, totally house broken and slept in bed with me snuggled close never moving all night. However, he continuously ran out the door when I went to leave because he was so scared I was going to DUMP him like you did. He was food aggressive with other dogs because you clearly NEVER feed him. He would get so worked up when I would leave he was just run in a circle, jump and bark. It was HEART WRENCHING to say the least.

There were days where he would know his name, look me straight in the eye, eat, act like a normal dog and then there were days where he was for lack of better words not on the same planet with the rest of us. This was CLEARLY from the abuse you suffered at your hands.

Due to your actions Rascal was laid to rest on Friday August 20, 2010. He went peacefully in my arms while I kissed his head and petted him. His last action was a lick to the vet as he stuck the needle in his leg. That is a vision that will be pierced in my brain forever.

I will never know his real name, I will never know his real birthday but I do know that he was LOVED BY ME. We all know that you didn't love him. I brought Rascal home, held his lifeless body in my arms, kissed him good night and laid him to rest on my farm with all of my other LOVED animals. He and I will one day be together forever.

I will pray that you NEVER EVER EVER again get another pet, I pray that you don't toss your family / your children away like trash when you get bored or annoyed with them.

I do prey that KARMA strikes you down and you get everything you deserve. You are a coward and in my eyes a monster. I prey we never meet because I am not honestly sure if I could control the urge to punch you right in the gut while telling you exactly how much of a low life you are.

Rascal's mom.


Christy Stewart said...

Wow! Just Wow! I am sorry that poor Rascal didn't make it, but your words are powerful! Thank you for sharing.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

God bless you, Amy and Kathy, for caring for Rascal and being with him as he was sent to Heaven. My Allie Mae, who, at some time in her life was well cared for, was taken to our local shelter due to job loss, etc. A shelter volunteer text-ed me immediately as she did not want this dog in the shelter environment - I said how soon can I pick her up? Said she was 19 - she is not but she is an old dog who now is exhibiting some cognitive impairments. Now that she has been bathed of all her fleas and their blood, getting regular meals, I notice she is deaf - probably not all her life. She has adapted well. She has a small tumor on a paw digit and another growth on her side which is new. I am taking her to my vet on Monday. I don't expect she will be put down but I have notified my board she will not be listed for adoption - she is here to stay, however long that may be.

fureverhomes said...

Your blog, while heart-wrenching, is so appreciated. As much as I'm sure it helps you to write down what's in your heart, it also helps me and I'm sure many others know we're not feeling these things alone or having these experiences alone. At the same time, it sucks that we aren't the only ones. That it happens over and over again, day in, day out all over the world. I just have to hang on to the belief that there can be more of us then there are of them. Those who will love them and save them and do whatever we can for them. And that someday, there will be none of them that neglect them, abuse them or treat them like a piece of cheap furniture that can be easily discarded.