Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's adventure

It was the day of the crazy people. I have 3 stories.

A volunteer was speaking with a women with a Corgi. Very nice looking dog. I over heard the volunteer and the women talking about breeders. I spoke up and said do they breed for money or are they showing b/c if they are breeding for money that is just wrong and totally not legitimate. The volunteer said Oh no she shows. I said oh then all of her puppies are probably or at least if she is legitimate would be all spoken for...

Apparently by me saying the breeding for money is wrong pissed of the lady with the corgi b/c she said "That is your opinion. GOOD BYE (in a high pitched squeaky annoying voice)" I felt like following her outside and saying "I am sorry did I upset you? Breeding for money is SICK especially when there are 4 million dogs dieing in shelters every year and your corgi is a dime a freaking dozen sweet heart!" UGH!

I didn't, I just laughed.

THEN this women was talking the ear off over every volunteer to the point we were making things up to get each other away from her. She was driving Sam completely crazy and I said Sam did you ever get your phone out of the car? You better go get it, that person was supposed to call you.

April walked up to me when I got corned by her and said your phone is vibrating... The lady must have drove us all crazy for nearly 2 hours.

Oh and here is the best part.. she lives in an extended stay hotel, has 8 cats apparently 3 are female and said something about kittens but her 3 males are fixed??!! She has a male pappion and she bought it at Pet Land and she was telling me what a nice dog he is and what nice quality he is and how isn't neutered and she has been looking for a female to breed him to.

OMG! SERIOUSLY???!! This was for real and not some type of joke?

I of course told her how Pet Land gets dogs from Puppy Mills. She said no that isn't true, I spoke to the person that sold my puppy to the petstore. I looked at her and said that is a dog broker mama'

Then I of course told her about Reese and Sasha (by the way if you remember Sasha the tumor dog from March?? I think is was.... she has to be put down, the cancer came back and is taking over *sigh*)

Then she was telling me about how Love-a-stray turned her down to adopt 3 cats and she thinks is it because they felt she didn't have enough money. I looked at her and said No it is because your dog isn't fixed. She said oh no that isn't it.

I said yes it is! I know I wok the same way Love - a - stay does and I wouldn't approve you to adopt either. You would have to get your dog fixed. She just said Oh

Later she has the nerve to ask me the adoption fee my exact words were "100 - 200 but you can't adopt until your male is fixed" SHE FINALLY walked away. UGH! She was annoying.. I guess the annoying part is someone who refuses to be educated / to learn.

Then the most horrible thing happened. This is a bit confusing of a story so I will summarize...

A family walks in with a very small fluffy something puppy. The puppy is like a rag doll in this ladies arms. The puppy throws up, which of course alarms me. I look at the puppy.. this puppy is SICK! It's head was just hanging there like a doll, life less. It's gums were light pink instead of nice dark red (like what yours look like right now).

What I got of the family is they paid $500 for the puppy from a lady who has many different breeds of puppies in her back yard. She doesn't breed them she gets them from breeders and sells them. She is VERY REPUTABLE and has been doing this for 15 years.. that is what the man told me.

I said did you sign a contract? NOPE. I asked if the puppy was fixed. NOPE! I asked if the puppy had shots.. that it actually did have. I told them that a puppy should not be in any public places, taken from walks or in their front yard until 2 weeks AFTER it's last set of shots. The puppy can very easily get sick and die.

I also told them if the puppy throws up again, has diarrhea or the gums turn white to take the puppy DIRECTLY to the emergency vet hospital.

OMG you should have seen this puppy. It had NO LIFE.. and anyone who has seen the puppies I have at my house... they are the same age as this puppy and are SO PLAYFUL. Even when they are tiered they are still very alert. This puppy was not.

I hope I am wrong but at the same time I just want to scream.........Why won't people stop buying.. UGH!

The funniest thing is the man kept saying how reputable this person was they got the dog from.. REALLY?

NOW FROM SOME GOOD NEWS! I heard that Pet Land near the mall is closing!!

WOOHOO I am going to through a party.. assuming that is true. That actually made my day. LOL!

Have I said lately I HATE PET LAND! Sacks of poop! I HATE THEM!


A.Marie said...

Hi there! I have been away from the blog world for awhile and am catching up on some of my favorite blogs. As I sit here, I am petting my beautiful Sheba, the JRT that we got from our wonderful vet (who rescued her). You remind me of my sis-in-law who manages the Livingston County Humane Society here in IL. You both have such a heart for animals!

9258 Photo said...

Some people will never get it. I used to have a button I wore on my coat. Something about balls belonged on a tennis court and not on a dog. Anyway this woman I worked with got a male rat terrier mix puppy and she asked me to find another small female dog to breed him with. He's a mixed breed dog. He's a puppy. You don't even know yet his temperament, let along if he's going to be genetically healthy and you ask me a woman wearing a button that basically says to neuter your pets to find you a female dog to breed. Some people think these things apply to everyone but them.