Monday, August 16, 2010

7 dogs adopted yet still no room

Two weeks ago I got in a JRT mom who my vet says in no way is a pure breed JRT. She thinks it is a Frenchie / JRT mix. Why? you ask b/c she has a genetic defect that only Frenchies get. LOL! How funny is that... plus her ears and her nose resemble a Frenchie. How weird is that... the funny thing is the women who owner surrendered the mom and puppies to me kept telling me she had the dogs papers. I of course so I don't need them nor want them. She was so surprised by that... I said they are worthless. They mean nothing. And now I know they really do mean NOTHING! The dog isn't even a PB. UGH Puppy Mills! Starting to wonder if PB's in any breed really exist any more, ya know?

So I got the mom and puppies in a week ago Thursday. Beagle puppies are so loud! They stayed the night Thursday night but Friday I took them over to be boarded. They were there the weekend and then I picked them up Monday morning and took them to the clinic where they stayed until Friday afternoon.. they were given shots, blood work run to make sure they were healthy and FIXED!!

I took them back over to the board kennel Friday and then picked them up on Saturday morning and went to Pet Smart. 4 of the puppies found a home from Pet Smart. 1 found a home yesterday and 1 was adopted that first weekend I had them but isn't getting picked up until tonight. I have one sad little puppy left :-( Poor thing. He is going to be SAD tonight. I am hoping that I get a good application for him today / tomorrow. I just feel bad that he isn't adopted and I want to get him in a home ASAP that way he can start living a normal puppy life and not one in a kennel.

My sweet heart Waldo was adopted yesterday too. YAY!!! I love that dog. The people that adopted him were really really nice. I feel great about them adopting him. They live in KY so that kinda stinks... I will probably never see him in person again. But I will bug her for pictures so I am sure I will see him. I love that dog.

I have someone who is supposed to come see Mork tomorrow. I hope that goes well and they adopt him. I got in the 4 brothers on Friday, thanks to Lenna and Mark driving to pick them up!!

They are AWESOME but I am afraid maybe too use to being around each other. I have them kenneled together right now but I am thinking one needs to go tonight / tomorrow with Janet, my foster home and assuming Mork gets adopted I will send another one with Nikole (Mork's current foster home). That will leave me with two and that is ok. Well Mary / Tim should be home from vacation soon so maybe they can foster one. I just want to get them separated. They seem pretty attached to each other.

I am really hoping that some of the JRT's get adopted this week / weekend. There are so many that need out of the shelters right now and I can't do anything... even with getting the puppies and Waldo adopted, I don't have any room. I had the puppies in boarding for goodness sake! That is just crazy.

Well let's hope some adults get adopted!!

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