Friday, August 20, 2010

This just made me so MAD

I had to share this email b/c I am so mad.

Hi Amy, this is LXXXX HXXXXXX. I have a 7 year old Jack Russel that has really bad skin allergies, where he chews his hair off. I can't afford any more vet visits or meds. I put him on Craigs list to give him away & a lady told me about rescues for jack Russel's. I'm at my wits end! I'm thinking of putting him down because of his special needs & me not being able to help him! I feel so bad, because he's so great. He's great with kids, loves to cuddle, car rides & loves to go camping. If i could find him a great home & owner that would take care of him & his needs that would put my heart to rest!! If not, I'm going to have to put him down. I have found that people won't take him because of his problems. If you could help me I would deeply appreciate it!

Do you know what I read when I read this........... "I don't feel like dealing with my dog any more so I am just looking for anyway to get rid of him." UGH!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe she really just can't afford the medicines for him and she has done it as long as she can. Not everyone in this world wants to dump their pets but sometimes you dont have a choice if you dont want the pet to suffer.

House of the Discarded said...

Yah. Especially gotta love the good ol', "I'm going to kill him and it'll be your fault" way to get you to react.

Stupid. Stupid.

Original_Wacky said...

How DO these people stand themselves? No matter what problems I've had with my dogs, I've always done my very best to take care of them and keep them... to the point of having to split my house into sections to keep a couple apart who never did get along. When our Chow mix had allergies, we moved to feeding raw so we could control her diet (now I only feed them raw, it rocks!). When she started having seizures and peeing in the house, we just dealt with it. We didn't get rid of her, and she lived out her (too short) life with us. I'm sorry you have to deal with these idiots.

J. L. Arnold said...

I am a rescuer. I love animals. What do you suppose this person do with the dog? How can "rescuers" expect people to be more humane or understanding when this is the crap they get for trying to do what's best for them? I tend to see the worst in people, too. But, honestly, the person that doesn't care would have dumped the dog on the side of the road. Those that cry for help or at least take them to a shelter shouldn't be crucified. Which would you prefer? Times are tough, money’s tight and jumping all over people looking for help just makes you look bad. It doesn't help animals, it just loses supporters.

Dog Rescuer said...

J.L. Arnold - Ask for HELP, don't tell me you are going to put your dog to sleep. DO NOT THREATEN ME. I hate that more then anything in the world. YOUR DOG is not MY responsibility.

I emailed her back explaining that we were really full and over 15 dogs were euthanized at the shelters because we simply do not have room :-(

I gave her some suggestions on things she might want to try (that doesn't require a vet) that would be cost effective. I told her try those before choosing to get rid of her pet or putting him down.

I also gave her suggestions on how to find him a home and explained to her that FREE doesn't mean a good home. And explained the danger of what goes along with giving animals away for free.

I am sorry I do not feel sorry for anyone who threatens to KILL their pet. That is simply a tactic to get a reaction. I have people EVERY DAY asking for help with their dog for one reason or another. HELL I have even paid for people to have their dog fully vetted and bought them dog food. Not because they asked me to but because they truly needed the help.

J.L.Arnold said...

I understand what you are saying, but if everyone were a perfect pet person there would be no need for rescuers. She may have been desperate and her "asking for help" may not have been the best way, but it’s not the last time you’ll hear that bit. Like I mentioned before, to me the effort made is better than none at all. She cared enough not to dump him at a shelter and I think she may sincerely want to find him a good home. I know it's frustrating and maybe I am na├»ve but it could have just been used as an example of the good you do by making suggestions (and getting past the “threat”). You take on dogs as your responsibility if they’ve been abandoned, so you may have just prevented that by being understanding and helpful. Great! Being put down humanely with one’s owner by their side does sound a hell of a lot better than the fate waiting way too many homeless animals out there. That’s just how I feel. Believe me, I am very grateful for what you do. I just know that this woman is not the worst type of person out there and shouldn’t be made to seem that way.

Dog Rescuer said...

J.L. Arnold -

You are 100% right! There are worse people out there. It does get old after while, the threatening emails. They all use to bother me and I would bend over backwards until I realized that if you keep bailing people out of "trouble" they will not take ownership / responsibility for the things they have or the things they have done.

I also told her to try contacting the person she bought him from. Funny how rescue is always the FIRST place a person checks when they need to get rid of a pet but the last place they look to get a pet.

I do need to ask, do you think I get paid or make money on rescuing dogs? I ask b/c of your statement
"...if everyone were a perfect pet person there would be no need for rescuers..."

I wish I wasn't needed, then maybe I could have a real life. LOL!