Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My "special" dogs

1- 14 year old senior dog who is never going to get adopted

2- heartworm positive dog that has been with us for 3 months... they heartworm
will not go away

3 & 4 - 2 dogs with cancer who are basically hospice patients

5 - a dog that was adopted 3 years ago and returned to b/c the man can no
longer care for him but now the dog is TOTALLY backwards... rolls over,
screams like a pig and pees whenever a female tries to touch him. The man
apparently has been a shut in for 2 years so the dog was only with the man and
barely went outside. Not to mention he is really fat, unhealthy scary fat.

6 - a dog that I am starting to question if it is adoptable.. he NEVER stops
running away or trying to find ways to get out of whatever confinement you have
him in... he even learned electric fence only hurts for a minute.

7 -a dog that I am pretty sure is retarded.. not being mean, I really think
something is wrong with him. The lights are on but NO ONE IS HOME.

8- 10 year old dog that has had a dental and his breath still smells like
death. We have had him for 3 months and haven't had one hit on him.

9 - a dog that is totally scared of children. When you first meet him he is
REALLY hyper and people can't get pass that... he is actually a really nice
dog and doesn't do anything wrong. However, if he sees a kid he runs, hides
and if the kid comes nears him pees.

10 - a dog that needs his eye removed.

11 - a dog that is super awesome but is trained in agility and he can't go live
with just anyone. If he doesn't have a job (agility) to do he invents things
to do and ends up in trouble.

12 - a puppy mill dog that I have been working with for months.

13 - a dog with a horrible flea allergy


Anonymous said...

LUCKY number 13... funny.. there are 13 SPECIal dogs right? kind of a cornerstone...or is it a milestone? how many dogs have you saved? over 500 right? amy these are tough decisions... you have the intuition.... they are sweet dogs i am sure.but how many ADOPTABLE dogs are there WITHOUT exit plans? and no one knows until the dog is "rescued"
you have to make the decision...you definitely have the right... and the intuiton.

Anonymous said...

the 10 year old with bad breath is a sweet heart, he is good with kids and he cuddles. i adore him. i can get past his breath, if he would stop rolling in oil !!!!!