Monday, August 9, 2010

Making the hard decision...

Who dies?
Who lives?
Who is adoptable?
Who isn't adoptable?
Who is worth working with?
Who is loss cause?
Who lives?
Who dies?


OMG PEOPLE STOP BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, can you tell I am at my wits end today?

This totally sucks the emails keep pouring in for dogs needing help. Today I had to say NO I don't have room to TWO JRT's who are going to be killed today. Basically I killed them b/c I don't have room for them. How the hell is that fair???
Jack Russell Terrier Picture Jack Russell Terrier Picture

I then receive help emails from a few other shelters in Ohio but I had to tell them to see if anyone else will help b/c I am full to the brim. For the love I have dogs in boarding!!!

Then to top it off I have to, absolutely no way around it HAVE TO start making some tough decisions.

I have a dog dieing of cancer and heartworm, Reese. He is of course the best dog ever. I can't find anyone to "foster" him until he dies and I really don't want to leave him in the foster home he is in right now for too much longer. They have 2 small kids and I don't think it is fair to allow the kids to see a dog "go down hill" as they say. I wish there was someone out there who would foster him and love him just for the time he has left. I do have to call the vet today and talk to her about "options" for him and find out exactly how much time he has left.

Then I have Ben who was adopted 2, almost 3 years ago. The man who adopted him said he could no longer are for Ben and had to return him to me. Ok that is fine but he forgot to mention him and Ben have basically been shut ins for the last 2 years and Ben is terrified now that he is away from him. He SCREAMS like a pig if a women touches him, he rolls over and pees EVERYWHERE. We have been working with him for 2 months and there doesn't seem to be any progress. A friend and fellow rescue person said it will take 6 months to see improvement.... I have dogs dieing b/c Ben is taking up a foster home... the dogs marked to die don't have 6 months! What the heck am I supposed to do? There are so many dieing, good dogs with no issues...
THEN THEN THEN......... I have Rascal who was FOR SURE beaten over and over and probably screamed at. He responds to nothing when he is doing something wrong. It is like he is numb to being corrected because he has been beaten so badly. He is the SWEETEST dog in the world but it is like the lights are on and no one is home. What do I do with him? I mean he isn't adoptable.. you put him in a crate and he poops and then dances in it. He barks like crazy when ever you leave him... I just don't know. He is a good farm dog but who out there has a farm that wants a farm / barn dog?

THEN I have Rudi who is hyper as all get out but settles down with attention. He is housebroken but TERRIFIED for children. He is hyper but not bad but someone has to get past the hyper to see he isn't a bad dog.

THEN I have Eddie who is STILL heartworm positive. The good thing is he is a nice dog who is really good in the house so that isn't too bad but he has been taking up a space in our rescue for 3 months now while we try to get rid of his heartworm.

THEN I have Woodstock who I have to remove his eye. UGH! Not that it is going to be a long time care thing it just remove his eye and be done but poor thing.

issues, any more issue dogs? Nope I think that is it...

Oh well I do have Tootie the puppy mill dog and she is a bit backwards but she will get it figured out, just takes them awhile. But still taking up space...

I REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS TO DOGS. I mean really, a $5.00 a month heartworm treatment for Reese or Eddie. NOT beating the crap out of your dog and Rascal would be fine. NOT allowing your child to torture a dog and Rudi would be fine. FIXING YOUR FREAKING DOG and I dunno 1/2 the dogs in my rescue wouldn't need RESCUED!

I need more foster homes! Or the world needs less stupid people but I think it will be easier to find foster homes.. LOL


Allison at Novice Life said...

Amy, for Rascal, how about posting flyers on him at tack shops?

Joanne said...

I don't know if this will be of any help to you. And I know how you feel, the overwhelming stupidity and ignorance of people is shocking. Toronto Animal Services Exhibition South takes in a lot of animals from Ohio and Quebec. In Toronto, we don't have all that many strays so they take in dogs from other places. If you think it would help (and I am assuming you would have to get them here and I think you are in Ohio), I can give you the contact information for them. It may be worth a try. It may just save a few lives. If so, contact me at The Toronto Humane Society just opened up again here after a massive overhaul and they may be looking for dogs as they don't have that many in residence right now. It can't hurt to contact them and it may help.

Kris said...

Every day, when I bring my foster dog to work, we pass by a car plastered in "Buy a Newfoundland!" stickers. The license plate reads NEWFIE. I really need to leave some literature on this idiot's car. Discrimination, plain and simple.

Keep up the important work!

Nora said...

I just saw a post on FB from a girl I grew up with. Her Pom just had puppies. Now i know for a fact that the female is not 2 yet and the male is under a year. As a former breeder of show dogs I was appalled at the mindlessness involved here. they truly didn't see anything wrong. these dogs don't even look like Poms. they really shouldn't have been bred under any circumstances. but they are "gonna sell 'em". I deleted her. *sigh*

Dog Rescuer said...

Hey Nora - if she lives in Ohio check this out

the only way to get people to stop is to turn them in! I shut down a beagle breeder down the street from me this way.

I tried the nice way by talking to him but he wouldn't stop.

Nora said...

She lives in Michigan. I just don't get it!!!! The more I read and hear about rescue, the more I just don't get it. I did try to explain things to her but it didn't do any good. If you have 2 "purebreed" dogs ya just gotta breed 'em!!!! People are so ignorant!!!!

Dog Rescuer said...

you should check into MI laws.. I am sure they are similar :-)