Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buying a Puppy

So, you want to buy a puppy. Where do you look? Internet? NewsPaper? Well check out this picture.

This picture was taking while authorities were seizing dogs and puppies from a women in Ohio. She was selling puppies over the internet and shipping them to their new homes. She was advertising how well taken care of her puppies were and what a great "home" life they have. REALLY?? Well not by the looks of this picture.

And remember PEOPLE LIE, so unless you go to their home and actually SEE where your puppy is coming from I suggest you stay away from buying a puppy through a NewsPaper Ad or the Internet. And really what legitimate breeder advertises that way?? I am mean really!

Go to your breed specific dog club and find out who is actually legitimate!


crystal said...

Thanks for posting a reminder, I think sometimes people get caught up in the cuteness of a puppy, that common sense goes out the window! Remember though, there are also tons of puppies in shelters and rescue organizations! They have all the same cute puppy characteristics, but with the addition of the extra love that adopted dogs exude!! There is no need to even bother with breeders.

scott sutherland said...

I've read some of your blogs. Our line of thinking is the same. I started blogging two days ago. If for no other reason I just needed to vent. I too am an animal rescuer. I have a kennel and currently have 68 dogs running around the farm. I constantly ask myself "Am I doing the right thing" I look into their eyes and wonder if I am. We a no kill facility. We are in So. Oklahome and we are getting calls 9-and 10 a day from people wanting to give up their pet, or found a dog or have a litter of pups(but don't want to spay their female)The list goes on and on.

Your tag line under your heading describing what kind of business the rescue world is right on the money. It is indeed a dark and nasty world. We deal with heartless monsters, that treat these innocent pets with disdain. After you've done this work for awhile you loose a part of yourself. I find my compassion for human beings has diminshed. My soul has been chipped away ever so slowly, whereby, I dislike people a little more each day. I feel like a dumping ground where starngers feel entitled to drop off their problem at my doorstep. Their problem was a dog that was just being a dog and Mr. Owner was too damn dumb to know what to do. So we end up with them, and we have a tough time finding a good home to place these guys in. They are great dogs but would like to have a house, a couch to lay on and someone to watch TV with. They don't ask for much, and can stay with us as long as is necessary.

I am new to the blog world and am navigating my way around, trying to figure how it all works. Would it be OK one day to ask you some questions? Our website is SOAR4dogs.com (one word). The blog I started two days ago is Southern Oklahoma Animal Rescue. I can't find it anyplace. Finally my email is scottcs859@yahoo.com. If you ever want to vent email me I'll listen, I understand--- Scott