Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you do this everyday?

I was asked today "You do this every day after work?"

I had 3 grade school girls who wanted to come out and help with the dogs. They came out today so I had them help me with my normal chores. The one girl, her family adopted a dog from me. Her mom said to me "you do this every day after work?"

Yep sure do and today is a NON crazy day.. today actually went pretty smoothly. LOL!

My NORMAL (whatever that means) day:

5:30am wake up and get ready for work. Getting ready for work also includes giving medicine to dogs, feeding house dogs and just making sure all the animals are ok. Since my husband lost his job he has been feeding horses! TOTALLY AWESOME!

I leave for work and usually arrive around 7ish.

I leave work around 3:30ish give or take all depends on what time I get in.

When I get home I go upstairs change out of "good" clothes and put on barn clothes. I go outside,
put goats away,
let puppies out,
let dogs out in the fence,
fill up the baby pool for the dogs,
clean horse stalls
clean dog stalls
take all the dog bowls and scrub them out
shake out blankets in the dog houses
fill up water bowls for barn dogs
fill up food for barn dogs
feed horses
clean up kitty litter
make sure cat water is fresh, cold and clean (they have an automatic water)
give goats food
give goats clean, fresh, cold water
fill up watering cans
clean outdoor kennels
empty water pales
clean water pales
shake out dog beds
make sure dog houses are clean
fresh water
fresh food
give worming medicine, eye drops, medicine to who ever needs it
walk everyone back to kennels or put those that belong in the barn back in their stall.
take care of chickens
I then go in the house, answer emails, sometimes eat / make dinner, watch TV, feed house dogs, laundry, clean up house or whatever normal house stuff needs done.

This is assuming there isn't any adoptions, vet appointment, emergencies, new dogs coming in or well anything outside of the norm.

With luck I am in bed and asleep by 11:30pm.

That is my life!

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Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

I no longer have any complaints....:).