Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What does your life mean?

Tonight I was watching TV one of those stupid gossip TV shows. They were interviewing some famous millionaire TV / singer star person and he said "Everyone has a purpose in life, you just have to find yours"

I thought WOW! Nicely put. I feel that way too. I mean if you aren't adding value to "life" then really what is the point? I know someone who grew up in a big family, married a hard working sales guy who makes good money, they have no kids, take a million vacations to all over the world, live in a big house, she works part time and really has no worries in life... both her and her husband are in good health in their early 50's. Nothing tragic has every happened to either of them. Neither volunteer anywhere and / or are part of anything "greater" I often think UGH that has got to suck.. LOL I am sure glad I don't have her life.. I would feel empty.

Ever since I can remember I have always thought that I needed a purpose. I went to school to be a police officer... well I am not one so that didn't work out very well. LOL! Stupid 9/11 messed that up.

I think that maybe me rescuing dogs, educating people about spaying/neutering and helping people with their dogs is maybe what I was "meant" to do. I was ALWAYS rescuing something when I was a kid... a kitten, a squirrel once, a skunk, a bird you name it I probably had it / saved it at one time.

Honestly doing dog rescue isn't easy on my relationships. My husband is often says I spend too much time with the dogs. My response is always you knew this BEFORE we got married. LOL
I do feel like I am crappy friend and I stress out about it a lot. I don't call my friends and "chat" I HATE talking on the phone. Seriously you aren't on Facebook I don't keep in touch.. LOL

It is so hard to do things with my friends b/c I have to worry about who is taking care of dogs, feeding horses, etc. I do my best to make sure I make it to all kids b-day parties and I try to remember to send cards. Half the time I buy them because I can at work and then forget to mail them. I find them a week after their b-day and think well shoot I can't mail it now.

What is your purpose in life? Very good question.


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

A very good question indeed. At another blog, I am looking at doing a life audit - what am I doing, why, for whom, and why do I need all the stuff I have? How can I be sure my life does actually have meaning? Thanks for the post.

Dog Rescuer said...

I hate "stuff" I always say if it doesn't have a purpose I don't need it.

Now don't get me wrong I have 4-wheelers, flat screen TV's, I am gun collector but at the same time, I keep nothing if it doesn't serve a purpose

Jess said...

I will be 17 this year its also my senior yr of highschool. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life because this is the year that you begin you're real journey. The thing is I love animals so much, I would do anything to save a life. So I was thinking vet, but it takes so long so much school and I want to start saving them now. I am part of a rescue society for dogs, but I want to do so much more for all sorts of animals. Your post influences me to open my own rescue, but I'm just wondering ???

Dog Rescuer said...

Jess - you can't live off rescuing dogs / animals. Go to college, get a good job and THEN you can rescue animals. That is what I did. I was 27 before I started running a rescue.. it was worth the wait.

Go to college and enjoy it. your REAL journey starts after college.

I do know one girl who while in college, she contacts local rescues and arranges for dogs in kill shelters near her school to be rescued. She then drives them to the rescues.

Anonymous said...

Easy question. But every1's answer is different! Seems like ur mission in life and my mission r very similar. Simple put, help dogs and rasie awareness but most importantly give these dogs a VOICE!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to let you know that your "friends" don't need you to pick up the phone and call or even be on facebook. We know you are thinking about us and we are thinking about you. Love ya! We'll meet up again sooner or later!


Anonymous said...

As a child I was always rescuing animals, reading about animals. It sucks that rescuing animals isn't a paid job since that is obviously where our talents lie. I have to transfer this interest to another field - I am 28 working towards going back to university for biology. I agree with your comment though about waiting to rescue animals. I am 28, have 4 rescued cats, but am waiting until financial stability to move farther along in rescue efforts. Don't take on too much responsibility too early!! It doesn't help anyone when you are burnt out and need to take a break.