Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am out of town this weekend. There is a JRTCA (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) trail near Gettysburg. So, I took Friday off work and my husband and I drove to Gettysburg. We are staying in a nice golf course resort just about 20 minutes outside of Gettysburg and about 15 from the JRTCA trail. GOOD PRICE seeing the fact I used and the fact that it is "off" season for a Gulf Course.

I have a joke that stupid stuff only happens when I am gone... well this time it took all of 1/2 hour after I left for something stupid to happen.

I received a call from a past volunteer / foster home. She use to get dogs from the shelter for me often but she moved in 2009 and has been really busy so doesn't do as much as she use to. She called me b/c she received a phone call from someone who found a JRT. The person found the JRT in the town I live in... actually only about 15 minutes from my house. She called me and gave me the number. It wasn't HER dog. Must have been a dog that she pulled for me from the shelter.

I called the person and he was very nice. Found the dog running down a 4 lane road with LOTS of traffic! Could bare to see the poor thing get hit so scooped it up and call the dog pound b/c it had a dog license on it.

I sent my mom to go pick up the dog. I was FURIOUS because I was thinking who did I let adopt a JRT from me who just allowed the dog to run down a major 4 lane road like that.

THEN here is the kicker!! My mom said that it is some sort of Shih Tzu mix and in REALLY bad shape. She said it smells REALLY bad??! Ok, now I am SUPER mad... who allowed one of my dogs to get into this condition? Which dog is this? And why the hell can't I remember who I adopted a Shih Tzu mix to in Elyria. And geez how long ago did I adopt out this dog?? It sure wasn't this year!

I called my friend Trisha and had her go check out the dog since my mom said it was in a bad shape. She sent me a picture... IT WASN'T ONE OF MY RESCUES??

How the heck the tag traced back to my old foster home / volunteer is a total mystery.

I had my mom take the dog to the vet that afternoon because Trisha said it was in pretty bad shape. The vet said the dog has probably been living outside for some time. It SMELLED like garbage, it has mats on it so bad that it was loosing its hair, the dog had fleas so badly that it has eaten it's skin RAW! The dogs teeth is SO bad that they are rotting out of it's mouth and it can't eat. My vet said it was a female spayed 10 year old Shih Tzu mix.

The dog was put on medicine and taken to the groomer today. It took the groomer 5 hours to shave and bath the dog! So does that tell you how bad of shape this poor dog was in???

Her teeth are so bad that she can't eat so I have already scheduled a dental (cleaning of teeth and pulling of bad teeth). Normal cost for a dental can be in more then $300.

I don't know who owned this dog before BUT OMG If her finding her way to me isn't fate I don't know what is. Poor dog!

And the good news is I already have a home for her.

I don't like taking in found dogs BUT there is NO way anyone with any moral values would have allowed this dog to continue to suffer. OMG! Plus the dog license by some strange accident traced back to my volunteer SO guess she really isn't a found dog, huh?!


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Serendipity, miracle come to my mind for this extremely needy dog to be found and brought to you. You have the ethics and compassion to care for this dog, not found but delivered to you by angels. Thank you for sharing and YESH for her already having a home! WOW.

House of the Discarded said...

I don't believe in coincidences... so this was a wonderful miracle for this little unfound, unloved dog.

Gullbeano said...

Send me a picture of "my" dog lol!! That is so weird. I was really confused when he called me. I had NO clue what he was talking about. Anyways, I'm so glad she found her way to the right place.