Monday, October 25, 2010

So sad

I am so disappointed in people right now. I received two emails today from people asking for me to take in their over 10 year old dog, an email from someone asking me to take their 8 year old dog b/c they are having twins in a few weeks. Their JRT is great with their 2 year old but with twins they just don't have time for a dog any more. They OF COURSE bought him as a puppy.

I really wanted to email her and be like oh you BOUGHT him then go back to the person you BOUGHT him from!! That makes me so mad. I am good enough to take your dog but not good enough for you to get a dog from!!!

Last night I was talking to a friend who knows someone who lost their two dogs. They dug out of the kennel and ran off. Well long story short they are at the pound and my friend told the person who lost the dogs that they were there. The person doesn't care. She has a new puppy in the house.


The number of older dogs in shelters is so sad. The number of dogs in the shelter is just sad. When are things going to get better???


fureverhomes said...

One by one, until there are none. It does seem endless though doesn't it? I've been lucky though in that being a volunteer at a no-kill shelter, I've seen many wonderful people who take the older pups in. There have been times that I thought, we are never going to find this senior a home, he/she is going to end up living his life out here -- and then a great person comes in and gives them a home. Those great people are out there, we just have to find them. Unfortunately, so are those bad ones...come on people, are you going to dump your older children when you have a baby because you just don't have time for them anymore? Your dogs are your family too!

Orlando Web Design said...

Today People are not as much conscious about their dogs.This is the reason why all this happening.I appreciate you for your efforts.You are really doing a nice job.

Anonymous said...

How can people do this? my dogs are like my family sometimes I think I love them MORE than my children. What would they do if their children have a disability and are too much work dump them somewhere?

Chris J said...

Really a very sad story..I hate that person who suddenly get new puppy...I am very disappointed about the present thinking of mankind.They are so irresponsible .