Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have to do it!

Yesterday I went to the dog pound to check out a dog for another rescue. When I got there the dog had been adopted. Hopefully that is a good thing. My pound doesn't mandatory spay / neuter so you never know what is going to happen to the dog.

I was talking to my rescue friend and she said to check out what all they had and to let her know. So, I went in and checked out the dogs that were available. There is a dog there that I can't stop thinking about. The dog was picked up as a stray and was available for adoption on Friday October 15th. This dog is OLD!! It is dead and it's eyes are so cloudy that it can't see AND it has some type of eye infection so it's eyes are basically sealed shut with eye crusties. SO GROSS!

This poor old blind, deaf, sick dog is laying on the cold concrete floor curled up like a cat. It has no idea what is going on and according to the kennel worker sleep pretty much all the time. Can't really blame it!

I feel so bad for this dog. Can you imagine being blind, deaf and not feeling well and being forced to sleep on a cold concrete floor? I mean seriously?? How it's bones must be aching. And the dog has been there AT LEAST since last Tuesday maybe even longer then that. So, a week of sleeping on cold concrete. The thought makes me sick.

No one is going to want this dog. It is a medical night mare PLUS old as dirt. The right thing to do is to have the dog put to sleep but I know the dog warden in my county isn't going to because the crazy rescue people would jump all over him for being a horrible person for put the dog down. So, the dog is going to lay their cold, sick, confused for weeks maybe even a month or hell maybe it will get so cold it will freeze to death one night. I can't imagine the dog really eats all that much.... it would barely pick it's head up for me when I went in the cage and touched it to wake it up yesterday.


Regardless if anyone agrees with me or not I can't stand to see a dog just suffer like this so I have made arrangements to do the HUMANE thing for this dog. Someone I know is going to go pick the dog up from the pound and take it to my vet office to have it (I don't even know if it is a him or her) and have it put to sleep HUMANELY! It's body will be cremated and it will no longer be in pain. It will cost me right around $100 to do this but I don't care. I REFUSE to let this dog suffer at the pound on the cold floor any longer, I REFUSE to allow this dog to die alone at the shelter either by being put in a gas chamber and then it's body thrown in the dumpster and I REFUSE to allow it to freeze to death which honestly is probably more likely because of it's age.

I wish I was the one taking it today because I really really want to hug him, make him nice and warm, give him a pain killer and then when it is put to sleep at least it had some of its final minutes on this earth not in pain and knowing someone cared right before he drifts off to sleep. BUT I am at work and totally obsessing over this dog laying on the cold concrete so I have made arrangements for someone to go pick him up and take him for me.

Poor thing! I really wish there was a way to track down the owner of this dog and just punch them in the gut! I know it wouldn't help but it would make me feel better :-) I guess all I can do is hope Karma bites them in the ass.

To make is worse. There were two but the other one that wasn't old was adopted and the old one was left to die at the shelter!!

Cage 3b: Lhasa Apso, Dog; Elyria, OH He is now resting peacefully with God. Poor guy... I hope he knows that even though I only met him once briefly that he didn't die unloved :-(


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Thank you for releasing that beautiful old dog to Heaven.

House of the Discarded said...

Thank you for caring enough, Amy

Jan1952 said...

The world is a better place with you in it.

God Bless you for helping this poor soul to know that there are humans that DO CARE and being there giving a hug to this soul as it crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

AndeesResQdPups said...

Amy, thanks for caring enough not to let this old guy suffer anymore. He was loved for a brief moment and sometimes thats all that matters