Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I don't understand why I can save everyone else's dog buy my own. My 2nd foster dog who I rescued in Dec 2005 died last night. We are not really sure what happened.

Sunday morning he was fine. Sunday afternoon his eye was swollen. I gave him some benadryl and the swelling went down. When I woke up Monday morning his eye was swollen shut so I took him to the vet. They said it was a bruise and sent me home with some medication and eye drops. My Monday afternoon his entire face was swollen. My mom took him back to the vet and they kept. I went after work and picked him up and they said that he has an abscess in his mouth and they pooped it. It was drain for a few days but his swelling went down and he should get better. WELL Monday night he wouldn't eat or take his medication. There was blood everywhere. Tuesday morning he LOOKED HORRIBLE! Looked like Freddy vs. Jason in the large crate he was in. My mom took him back to the vet office first thing in the morning and they put him on IV pain killers, medicine and saline solution. He seemed to be getting a little better through out the day but the vets weren't 100% sure what was going on. They even spoke with a specialist in Akron and she had never heard of anything this strange before.

At about 6:30 he was sitting up and responding to his name at the vet office and then he just fell over and his heart stopped. They were able to revive him but it was not looking good. I was at work so I sent my husband to go pick him up at the vet office and take him to the specialist in Akron. I left work and headed there as well. By the time my husband got to the specialist Chaz had stopped breathing. There was nothing anyone could do, he had lost too much blood and his heart stopped.

My sweet little boy was THE BEST DOG! Everyone always said how awesome he was and surprised about how good he was. He use to go to work with me and even had his own ID badge for work.

It just pisses me off that people DUMP there dogs when they are old, sick or they get a new dog and it is my responsibility to SAVE their dog. I can seem to save everyone's dog BUT MY MINE! How the hell is that fair?

I always wish for Karma to strike those assholes but when is MY KARMA going to kick in???

There are 12 JRT's and JRT mixes that need out of the shelter this week or they will be put down. At least half if not more are owner surrenders to the pound. I am going to be honest, I can't even think about taking any dogs in right now. I just want MY DOG BACK!!

It isn't fair.


A.Marie said...

Oh dear...I am so sorry...that just breaks my heart. It is so hard to lose an animal that you have grown so fond of. I'm gonna hug my little JRT a little closer today and give her kisses.

I know that your heart is hurting and that you feel you can't take in any animals right now, but try and help those JRT's that are in if for your boy. He'd want you to help them just like you helped him. He's crossed over that "Rainbow Bridge" and isn't in any more pain or suffering. He had a good life with you and he'll be waiting for you. God will bless you for what you are doing; I know that He will.

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry Amy:(

Nicole Wilhelm said...

So sorry, Amy.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Amy, this is heartrending. Please, give yourself some time; this death was so traumatic and unexpected. I am SO SORRY. You and yours are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I know it isn't fair and it was unexpected but you gotta think that he is in a good place now. again, i'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Poor thing. Please give yourself some time, take care of yourself.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Amy I am so sorry to hear about Chaz; at least he knew love and comfort and didn't have to suffer through this on a cement floor, alone.

Mindy said...

Hi Amy,
I am so sorry to read this rotten news. I know there is nothing that anyone can really say to make it better; but do know that we all understand how horrible you feel and how much you really loved your boy. Hugs to you and your family.

House of the Discarded said...

Damn. I'm so sorry, Amy. I wish they could all be loved like Chaz.