Sunday, October 3, 2010

Random thoughts

Looks like the cold weather is here to stay :-( Friday was the last nice day I think we are going to see until next Spring. It has been raining since the middle for the night Friday. I moved all the dogs to the barn.. no more kennels till next Spring. That really sucks for so so so many reasons. I can't have as many dog when I have to close my kennels. The dogs don't get out running around as much because the weather is crappy. Just totally stinks. Now is the time I need foster homes really really badly.


Adoptions seem to be really down so I am having an adoption event Saturday and I really hope that it goes well. According to the weather as of today it isn't supposed to be raining on Saturday so man I hope all the news paper ads I put in work and I get some people out to adopt.

I think the next few months of the year I am going to run ads in papers more. I am hoping it will help get people to adopt instead of buy "Christmas" puppies.


Sparky is doing well. He seems to be afraid of men.. or at least stand off - ish to men. He is getting better. His bruising and swelling have really gone away so that is a good think.

He is totally housebroken, crate trained and really doesn't like the ran. LOL! He wants to play but can't really play the way he wants to because he looses his balance so easily. Once he is more healed I will play with him more, right now I am just worried he is going to tare up a stitch or something.


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