Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reese might have a fighting chance

Some good news for a change. Reese who had testicular cancer from not being neutered AND was heartworm positive had X-rays today to see if the cancer had spread and how bad the haertworm is.

The good news is the vet thinks that everything looks pretty good and we should be just fine to treat the heartworm. Once the heartworm is treated then we can worry about where the cancer is or is not.

YAY Reese gets a fighting chance at life.

Now if I could get Eddie feeling better life would be grand. That poor dog. The heartworm really damaged his heart. The only good news there is that his heart will heal with time.

I feel like I am the sick dog rescue... Moxie the Great Pyrenees that I took in a few months ago is still doing ok. We can't treat her heartworm because her cancer is pretty bad... so we are doing everything we can to make her happy.

Sparky is doing well. He got his staples out yesterday and is scheduled to be neutered the week of November 1st. YAY!!!

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