Friday, October 8, 2010

Looking forward to tomorrow

Marcus went home yesterday! That dog is so darn happy... oh puppies! I have someone coming to meet Sprite today. Poor Sprite he needs a home ASAP. He is totally depressed I can see it in his eyes. He just wants a house, a family, someone besides me who loves him and the other 10 at my house. lol!

Frito and Blake are both supposed to get adopted tomorrow. Which is awesome... then I have from 11 - 4 hoping that the other 6 that I am taking will also find homes. Ok, wait I don't want to be greedy. I am hoping for 2 adoptions tomorrow.

I have a list of dogs a mile long that really need my help. So, un nerving. I really want to tell the shelter ok send them but I know I have to be realistic and I have to get a few more into homes before I start taking in more. BUT I did get one today.. LOL! Heard he is a real sweet heart.

Paws Crossed tomorrow is a good day!


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

My Farrah so needs to move on to her own home as well. She has been here, she is healed of her emotional wounds but will always be a bit shy and skittish. The woman interested in her is not yet ready but Farrah so IS. Good luck on Saturday - I'm hoping you'll adopt out 4! HA.

Reese said...

I got my rabbit from the shelter and it is such an overwhelming experience to give animals a home. For me my adoption to my bunnies does not only means providing rabbit hutches, food and clothing but it also mean love and care that they deserve.