Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad dogs

Holy cow, I don't know what was up with the dogs last night but UGH! My friend Kathy called and I answered the phone... do you want like 9 more foster dogs.. LOL

Yesterday work wise and day wise was fine. It all fell apart when I got home.

I got home an hour later then I was supposed to and that meant I didn't have time to go get my nails done for my friends wedding this weekend. I guess I have to get that done today.. which is stressing me out a bit just because I have so much to do today before rehearsal and I hate waiting till the last minute to get stuff done.

Anyway, so I got home and let the dogs out in the fenced area. They were all playing and running around. I played ball with them for a little bit. This was about 5pm. I had someone coming over about 6pm to meet a few dogs and pick one :-) YAY another adoption, all paws crossed.

She was supposed to come Wednesday night but the weather made her nervous. She said she didn't want to drive home in a rain storm with a new dog. Totally understand so rescheduled for Thursday at 6.

Well at 5:36pm she called to say that she had found a dog today at a shelter and it was on hold for her. YAY for her adopting but boo it wasn't one of my kids. I said oh no worries and congratulations on your new rescue dog!

I was so bummed out. But hey at least it was a rescue.

That started the bad evening. Apparently my father had opened the gate to the fenced yard but didn't lock it properly. The dogs figured that out so out the come running around in the driveway. UGH! REALLY! I get them all and put them back in the fence and close the gate the right way.

THEN getting out is fun so Carter with his skinny little tiny body goes sliding under the gate. LOOK MOM WHAT I CAN DO! He did that 3 times. Not that he runs away but we don't need to give everyone that idea. I had to fix / block up where he was getting out every time and he would just find another spot.

Ok, so finally got that all fixed. THEN this orange feral cat that hangs around decided to walk the fence. The dogs noticed and all hell broke loose. They were barking and jumping at him. Of course the cat just sits there are poofed up.. really how about jump down and run away. UGH!
Well after about 5 minutes of crazy barking and getting excited over the possibility of getting the kitty the cat jumps down and runs.

Eddie was like oh no buddy come here!!!!!!!! He squeezed out of the fence and "chased" and when I mean chase I mean fast walking.. he is overweight and has heartworm. Don't worry we are fixing both of that.

Well he decides to walk a circle around my neighbor's pound with me walking behind him saying "really Eddie! come on!" Then he walks back to the fence but I quick patched where he got out so the other dogs wouldn't follow and he looked at me like WHAT! So he walked between my cranky neighbor's garages and down his driveway. With of course me following being him basically talking myself. Well cranky was outside and I was walking my fence line but on his side of the fence and he said "Amy come here." HELLO you don't see me walking after a dog down your driveway? Seriously yet you sit in your drive to count how many I have and harass me, REALLY! UGH! So, I said "I need to get the dog XXX." and just kept walking. Eddie got to the end of his driveway which is basically the end of my fence. I think Eddie was just looking for away back in and laid down and rolled over like to say I AM SORRY MOM! Aren't I cute?

I picked him up and walked back to my driveway and put him back in the fence.

THEN THEN THEN! I was in the barn and heard some arguing between the dogs, I go running out there and poor Romeo is getting beat up. OMG Are you guys kidding me, I screamed. Bad dogs today bad bad dogs. Poor Romeo is such a wimp but I am sure he did something to make someone mad. I took Romeo out of the fence and let him just hang out with me while I feed horses, cleaned kennels and got everything done.

I then walked the dogs on leashes back to the kennels to put them away. There wasn't a snow balls chance in hell I was going to let them put themselves to bed like I do EVERY night because they were so bad I wasn't going to give them the chance to do something else stupid.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Carter broke his collar some how crawling under the gate AND I get a phone call from a lady who adopted one of my dogs that she needs to bring her back. The dog hasn't done a thing wrong but her dog just doesn't like her and the issues are getting worse.



Mr Lonely said...

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Dogs for Adoption said...

Don't cry....and keep up the good work!

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Oh, Amy, I so commiserate. My hounds can go crazy and now, the elec. utility is upgrading the poles on our road (and we are periodically losing power - but hey, I defrosted my dorm size frig!) so they will go nuts. I gave the utility workers my card, let them know about Shiloh, the neighborhood Beagle who won't stay home but knows when meal time is. I have like two "airlocks" at my gate to prevent Margie again from imitating Carter (or perhaps it was the other way around?). Check out this link for a laugh -