Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ralf spent (that we know of but could have been longer) at least 6 months through Ohio's COLD winter on a chain with nothing but a PLASTIC dog house to keep him warm.
Ralf is now safe with me and has been for about 2 months now. Ralf had to have heartworm treatment. He goes back to the vet on June 15th to be retested in hopes the heartworm is gone and he can be neutered.

Regardless of the fact Ralf has had a hard life. His owner CLEARLY mistreated him, then tied him up outside and THEN to top it all off moved out of the house and left him tied up to the dog house. No way to get food or water. Thank goodness for a nice neighbor.

Ralf is the sweetest dog EVER! He plays so nice, loves to play with squeaky toys, carries around a stuffed animal. He is just so sweet. How the hell could anyone just leave him tied to a dog house.

Honestly when I first heard about him left chained to a dog house I knew I had to help and take him but I was WORRIED! Chained dogs are always so aggressive or lets face it people suck and when they can't handle behavior issues with their dog they stick them outside on a chain and forget about them. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I had to help.

Ralf has turned out to be the bet dog (despite that fact he needs neutered.. lol). He gets along with other dogs, he is housebroken, can be left alone in the house and doesn't destroy anything, he is fine with kids, good off leash (never leaves the yard), he sleeps on the bed with my husband and I every night. His only "bad" thing could be he chases the cats but as soon as I say RALF NO! He stops so it might be more of a they run so he chases kind of thing.

Whoever adopts this guy is going to be one lucky family.

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Lorena said...

Poor guy, at least he is cared for now. He has such a sweet face