Monday, June 7, 2010

I should have know better.

I am so angry with myself right now. The Friday BEFORE Memorial Day a women and her husband came out to meet Lexus. The women really liked her. Lexus is a bit shy at first meeting new people but warms up quickly and is the cutest dog ever. The women said 100% for sure she would adopt Lexus. She wanted to do the paper work that night but her husband had to leave. I said Ok. but please please please if you change your mind let me know ASAP. I have an adoption event tomorrow and I really don't want Lexus missing out on a home. Oh no the lady said I want her for sure. My daughter is getting married and comes back from her honeymoon on the 9th of June so I will be back after that to pick up Lexus.

I had a bad feeling about this....

A week goes by I do not hear from the lady. I leave for Memorial Day weekend and when I came back I emailed her. I didn't hear anything from her until after my second email on Wed. She said she was still very interested in adopting Lexus. Ok, good I thought.

Now keep in mind I have taken her down off the website AND turned 2, yes 2 people away who wanted to meet her / possibly adopt her.

Then Sunday morning I receive an email from her saying her husband has had a change of heart and is no longer interested in Lexus.

OMG! It has been over 2 weeks!!! I should have known better. I am so upset b/c Lexus could easily be in a home right now but instead she sits in foster care waiting for someone to love her forever.

NEVER AGAIN! That is it, I have been burned for the last time on that. I will not hold any dogs for anyone without a deposit and a week at most... ugh.. I feel like an idiot!

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House of the Discarded said...

Been there too many times! Live and learn. Make sure it's an UNREFUNDABLE deposit that's at least 50% of the adoption fee. :)