Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nice to hear

Yesterday a really nice husband and wife came over and adopted sweet scared Toby. His new name will be Harley :-)

Toby was the product of some idiot having a female JRT and thinking they could make money selling puppies. They breed the female and well didn't sell the puppies. So, after 7 months of living in an outdoor kennel with little to no socialization the idiot owner took Toby, his brother and mother (lucky mom didn't get pregnant from her kids) and DUMPED them at the shelter.

The mom and brother were adopted but Toby was so scared of people that he just sat in the back of his kennel with his tail tucked. The shelter manager deemed him un adoptable just for being scared. She took him off the adoption floor and said I had 3 days to find away to get him or she was putting him down. UGH!

Needless to say we saved Toby and although he was scared he did warm up and is the best little dog. he has a lot to learn but he will be just fine.

The people that came and adopted him live on a horse farm and said they were looking EVERYWHERE to buy a JRT but couldn't find any. Even their vet was looking for them. Someone told them about rescue so they looked on Petfinder and found Toby.

THANK YOU GOD for that!! It was nice to hear that they couldn't find JRT's for sale... could my dreams be coming true?? Probably not but it is a nice thought.. LOL!


marie said...

yeah Harley !!!

Donna said...

Hurray for Toby!

How sad that the shelter couldn't work to make him adoptable. I just finished fostering a sweet hound mix dog through the Cleveland APL for similar reasons--sat outside in a kennel for three months and had no socialization. Took that little guy less than a week to learn how to be a regular fun-loving puppy.