Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So it continues

HOLY COW! Can I rewind to last Thursday at like 5pm and just start over.. LOL!!

So, Friday night didn't go any more smoothly then Thursday night and Saturday morning was hell. The rest of the weekend was fine. Sunday the dogs were not bad but then last night..... Wyatt went after a chicken. I was able to grab him before he killed but I think the chicken is now retarded. And I am not kidding so stop laughing.. LOL!

Wyatt goes chasing after the chicken pulling out its' butt feathers, then shacking his head b/c his mouth is full of feathers and I am running behind him in the mud w/ a jammed or broken toe.. not really sure which just know that I can't bend it and it hurts like hell. I slip fall on my ass.. which I am sure it was funny to anyone watching this chain of events. I then chase him for a few more minutes and then catch him. The poor chicken is just laying there. I totally thought he killed it. Of course my father starting going Oh GREAT it is dead, I bet it was a hen. OMG SHUT UP! How about don't let the chickens out of their pen and they won't get eaten by stuff like dogs, cyotes and hawks (yea that is right a hawk took 2 small hens earlier this spring). UGH! He is always SO CONCERNED about the chickens but of course I pay for their feed, feed them, water them, make sure they are ok, my mom collects their eggs, etc. But he is all concerned about them...... whatever!

Back tot he dog........ I take care of Wyatt..... he some how hurt his eye. Which is why he was out of the fence. I needed to check out his eye. He didn't hurt the eyeball part just the eye lid all around it. It is all swollen, scratched up almost like rug burn but on his eye lid. I don't know how else to describe it. It totally doesn't bother him. He acts like nothing is wrong with it.

Anyway, I was getting him out of the fence so that I could give him Benydral and put eye medicine in his eye. Kind of looked like maybe a bee sting or something. He got away from me and who suffers the poor chicken.

After I take care of Wyatt then I go to the chicken who is laying in the same place Wyatt left it. I picked it up, totally expecting it to be dead. It isn't. It is injured but not dead. It can't hold it's head up. Poor thing.

I take it to the barn and my mom and I wash it off with cold water. Looks to have a bite to the head and a bite to the neck. Kind of hard to tell how bad it is hurt but the blood already started to clot so might not be that bad. I put the chicken in a dog crate with blankets a bowl of water and the crate is in a horse stall. I checked on it several times before I went to bed and it was still alive. The last time I checked on it, it was asleep and I startled it b/c I touched him. He tried to walk and honestly he looked drunk.

This morning he was up walking around the stall and I put down some grain for him but he didn't notice. He ran into the wall a few times. I seriously think it has brain damage or something.... Chickens heal really fast so we will see what he is like when I get home. Enough about the chicken.. ok so what other craziness was there this weekend........

Oh my hot water tank blew.. it was going on Friday and I totally knew it but I didn't have time to deal with it. I was in my friends wedding on Saturday so I was a bit busy! Saturday night I tried to take a shower with what was left of the hot water and was able to but couldn't wash my hair. TOO COLD. So, Sunday I just stuck my head under the faucet and washed it. Supposedly washing your hair in cold water is good for it but I think that is a lie.. LOL!!

THEN to top it off my friend's husband won't let her foster Daisy, the big dog any more... he has his days and apparently was having one yesterday. LOL! So poor Daisy is completely sad, she is such a good dog and LOVES kids so being at my house where she is kenneled and doesn't have kids makes her so sad.

I so wish she would get adopted soon. She is just an awesome dog.

Oh, what else....hmmmmm.... Well on a positive note Lenny and Ralf got a home on Sunday. Sparky was adopted Monday and Mercedes adoption will be finalized sometime this week. I have 2 applications one for Nikki and one for Denny so I am praying and hoping they are awesome and can come before I leave on Friday.. I would love to get a few more dogs in homes before I leave on vacation.

Lets see......... I think that is about it. PAWS CROSSED FOR SOME MORE ADOPTIONS THIS WEEK!

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It Sound like you have a hard few days. Hope you are able to get some rest while on Vacation! Thank for doing what you do!
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