Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello weekend!

It has been a long week. Not really b/c of dogs but b/c of work. Actually now that I am thinking about it, it has been a long month. LOL!!

I thought things were crazy busy before I left for my little get away on Memorial Day weekend. Well they have been absolutely ridiculous since I got back. Monday I had an issue with grumpy (for those who know me you know what I am talking about. For those who don't personally know me, I can't talk about it right now but will fill you all in on Grumpy).

Tuesday - Friday at work were CRAZY! My scheduled was all whacked out and nothing was going smoothly. LOL! Grumpy was annoying pretty much all week, which just stresses me out. Not to mention my husband was off working at his sister's re doing a storage barn at their lake house. So, he didn't get home till Saturday late afternoon. That put me on edge with him not being home.

Lucy (who use to be Robin) was returned because the older lady I gave her to has been moved into a nursing home and well she isn't going to be moving back home :-*(

Gilligan my 3 legged dog from last fall was returned b/c short version landlord changed his mind on the family having a dog. They are trying to work out a solution but for now I have Gilligan back and up for adoption again!

THEN a family that adopted 2 dogs from me emailed me this week that the husband lost his job and things are stressful and they need to get rid of one of the dogs. So, I am getting Tommy (now named Rudy) back. I am not sure exactly the situation, I hope everything is going to be ok. Tommy was one of my favorites so him coming back doesn't bother me as much as him loosing the only real home he has ever known :-( And I am worried about the people. Hopefully they will fill me in a little more as to what is going on.

I have had a few dogs adopted (knocking on wood). So, that is a good thing. I also got 2 new dogs in on Friday. They are both WONDERFUL dogs so it is like they have always been here. No real issue.. well except Romeo he isn't neutered yet and keeping humping Gilligan. LOL! He gets neutered next Wednesday... and it can't come soon enough.

Speaking of soon enough. Ralf my heartworm dog is going in for his 2nd heartworm test on Monday and if all is clear he goes in for the BIG SNIP too! YAY! I love that dog.

Oh geez what else is going on.. Oh yea, Eddie the other heartworm dog is coming to me tonight. He needs to start treatment ASAP. I am going to see if I can get one of my foster homes to take him since 2 un neutered males in my house is not going to be fun!

Lets all cross paws and fingers and hope for some adoptions this weekend. I have someone coming to see Bennett tonight. Seriously he is so cool. I am sure they will adopt him. And then someone is coming to see Nikki tonight or maybe tomorrow morning AND maybe.. waiting to hear back might have someone interested in Lenny. He is such a nice dog.

Well Paws crossed for a good weekend!

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