Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not made for farm living

I took poor Wyatt to the vet yesterday. Apparently he is allergic to well the farm! LOL! He has an allergy to the saw dust / cedar chip mixture I use for bedding the horses, dogs and goats. GREAT! I have to get him out of here ASAP. He is on medication and has a cone on his head. He is NOT HAPPY about that. I need to move him to a foster home ASAP, get him a bath and hopefully he will start to feel better.

Poor dog.

So, I guess that means a city home for him. LOL!


Life With 5 Dogs said...

Poor Dog! Sorry that he is allergic to your farm! I hope you find him a foster home soon.

marie said...

he is doing great. i took the cone off, he was running into the walls. it was kinda funny :) he is getting along fine with the others. i still feel like i am cheating.