Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 strong

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on things but it keeps getting harder and harder. I called the vet office first thing this morning on my way to work. 2 puppies had passes away... I just turned the car around and went straight to the vet office.

The 2 puppies that passed away did not have homes so the only person heartbroken is me. That I am thankful for. I can tell you right now I AM NEVER EVER doing this again. Even though I did everything I was supposed to do and made sure they were healthy before I had anyone adopt one this still happens 5 weeks, 5 weeks after I rescued them. Never ever again. Puppies that come to my house (granted it will be NEXT year before I take in any dogs just because it will take me all year to pay my vet bill) will NEVER EVER be spoken for until AFTER they are spayed / neutered. NEVER EVER again will I do this.

I called Pet Smart again today to tell them what happened. I asked him 100 times to please please just clean the store really well. He said he was going to talk to the district manager. OMG just clean your store before more dogs die!!!!!!!!!

I am so frustrated. I know it isn't their fault but they could at least clean just to make sure. How many more dogs need to die before they clean?? Probably a lot because I am the only one that can PROVE that it came from them.

Anyways, I am about $5K in the hole right now and have 3 dead puppies. UGH! When I was at the vet today it took everything in my power not to just want to scoop them all up and hug them. That is all I want right now.. puppy hugs and puppy breath kisses.

Then to kick me a little more when I am down. I had someone email me yesterday about a dog they adopted July 2008. Apparently the dog is marking in the house and they want to return him. I told him I don't have any place to put him right now but it is a correctable issue and if they wanted training tips to let me know. I am waiting for them to get back to me on if they want to return him or are going to try to work it out.

Then this morning when I checked my email I have an email from a women who adopted a dog from me in early spring 2007. She wants to return the dog because her husband left, her 3 kids are not keeping up with taking the dog out and it potties in 1 room of their house. She said in her email that she doesn't want training tips, she just wants him gone. I emailed her back and explained my situation.... I am getting married in 58 days, my house is under MAJOR construction, no dogs can come to my house for a million different reasons and I am $5K in the hole at the vet office. So, I am going to have to talk to the person that originally fostered the dog and see if she has room.

UGH!!!!!!!!!! When it rains it pours.

Everyone keeps saying things happen for a reason.... well ok great but that doesn't make me feel better and what the flip is the reason??????

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