Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hope is home.

Hope came home yesterday. She smelled HORRIBLE and is really skinny but she is home. I gave her a bath and can you believe she jumped out of the sink!? She is so small that I can give her a bath in the kitchen skin..LOL!! I know she is feeling better because she keeps barking and growling at my two big dogs. LOL!! They could squash her like a bug.

Well more great news. Elmer is getting a home. Sunday I received an application and since it was Easter I just emailed them back my phone number and told them to call me. 15 minutes later then called, 40 minutes later they come over and called me yesterday and said they would love to adopt Elmer. How awesome is that?? So, Elmer goes tonight to get HW test and physical and will be neutered tomorrow. They are meeting me at the vet office to adopt him tomorrow. YAY!!!

And EVEN more great news. The puppies will be 8 weeks on Sunday SO Molly the Mom is going to foster care on Saturday. YAY!!! I need her to be separated from the puppies so that I can get the puppies to the vet to get spayed. Oh that reminds me all the puppies go next week for round 1 shots. That should be interesting. LOL!!

First week of May the puppies will be old enough to be fixed. Can't wait to start getting them into their homes. I know their families are super excited too.

Hmmm... what else is going on?? Personal life: Mailing the wedding invitations this week. Wedding favors just came in, construction on the house starts Thursday and leaving for the weekend on Friday. OH MY GOD! STRESSED OUT DUDE! LOL!!

I really need to get Jingles and poor sweet Millie in a forever home. Poor dogs. They are so sweet and nice and housebroken but no one seems to be interested :-(

Oh oh forgot to say Hope leaves for her possible forever home Thursday night!!! WOOHOO.

I guess that is it for now. Sorry I am kinda all over the place... my brain is mush with all that is going on.. wedding, dogs, house, work, wedding, wedding, dogs, house, LOL!!!

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Darlene said...

Yeah!!!!!! Welcome home Hope!!!!