Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am shacking and crying as I type this blog. So, if it doesn't make sense I am sorry but I need everyone to pray like you have never prayed before.

Hope, the dog with two broken legs has parvo. We believe she picked it up at Pet Smart on Saturday at the adoption event. It does not look good and I am being honest when I say I don't have much faith she will make it. I spent way more then an hour at the vet office just crying and begging her to fight. I am not sure what good it did.

For what it is worth I will not be doing any more adoption events at Pet Smart. I realize that a lot of dogs find homes that way but after this... it isn't worth it. I would rather keep a dog for 100 years then ever ever have this happen again.

If Hope dies I am not really sure I am going to be able to handle it. I have had her for 6 weeks plus, she is my special girl.

Oh and to top it all off I FINALLY! like a family who wants to adopt her. I can't tell you how many people I have turned away.

I am feeling horrible right now and just ........ Please pray.

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~Andeelyn~ said...

I sit here crying with you!! My heart is just breaking that she has parvo, i guess it just goes to show that even witn vaccinations a dog can still get parvo. I will also pray that none of the other dogs who were there contract parvo. Shes a strong lil girl who has a lot to live for. I "Hope" she makes it ya know we gave her that name for a reason.