Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good times and bad times

I must say I still wish I could be normal but after a hard day at work coming home and playing with my puppies. OH THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!

The puppies are getting big. Larger then hamsters now and actually playing. but let me tell you something if anyone thinks they can make money off puppies OMG! NO WAY! These guys eat so must food. $20 a bag puppy food that lasts 5 days and about $6.50 a day worth of soft dog food. PIGS! LOL!!

Puppies do make everything better, good times.


The hard part of rescue is cleaning up other people's messes or problems. UGH!! Poor Mom dog is so skinny and probably hasn't been feed a proper diet EVER. She still has runny poo and I feel like all I am doing is giving her medicine and cleaning up the most horrible smelling poo. GROSS!

Why can't people just take care of their animals?

Then today the first dog this year that I had to put down. My heart sunk when the vet told me about putting him down. Poor dog. Someone was mean and nasty to him and so he became mean and nasty. Sometimes he could be sweet and nice but it was the mean and nasty that was scary and could potentially hurt someone.. well actually he has already hurt someone.

Just sucks because deep down you knew he was a good dog. I gave him nearly 2 full years to be a nice dog and yet he wasn't. The vet said he was so scared today.... Like he knew it was coming. I am so going to be haunted by that forever!


~Andeelyn~ said...

The puppies are so adorable and man have they grown lol i can imagine how much food they eat kinda like 9 little 3 year olds eating you out of house and home. As far as having to put that puppy down my heart breaks for you! I sat and cried with Rusty and apologized to him that someone hadnt taken batter care of him. If i had to put one down i'd be a basket case. You are a strong woman and if wanst for you there would be a lot less happy healthy puppies in this world!

House of the Discarded said...

I lay awake and wonder why people don't take care of their pets. I would gladly find something else to do if folks would just treat their pets the way they would want to be treated.

Your life mirrors mine - but with cats :)