Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just amazed

I am so at awe of all the awesome people I know and so impressed how total strangers are helping out my puppies' vet bill. I felt so down last week with them being sick and really money was the least of my worries because I wasn't going to let money stand in the way of them being healthy again. My vet kept saying we can do this but it will cost $$$ "I don't care what it takes, save them!" Is what I kept telling him. "Money isn't standing in the way of them going to their forever homes!"

I figured I would sell a few things here and there and have my annual Puppy Party fund raiser in September. Doing those two things I would have the vet bill paid off and would start back up after the party. BUT it looks like I am not really going to have to wait. I have had so many people call the vet office and donate I am at a loss for words. I can't believe how awesome everyone is and generous. Blows me away.

I am actually taking in a 5 year old female JRT (Christie in Dayton is working out the details) and I am taking in a 3 year old rough coat male from Richland County Pound (Elizabeth is going to foster that one). And as soon as I am back from my honey moon, I am going to the pound :-)

I can't really have dogs at my house right now because of the parvo. I don't want anyone else getting sick. Not to mention all the construction at my house.. LOL!! It is crazy. But I am doing what I can with the help of my foster homes and Paws and Prayers Rescue. They are awesome. The JRT's I can't find a foster home for, they are taking for me and I am cross posting them on my site.

How cool is that??

I am still hunting for the PERFECT lab mix puppy for the lady I work with who was supposed to get Riley. I have a lead on a few.. just want to make sure they have the best personality possible :-)

I do have some sad news... I did have a dog come back on Sunday. Dobbie a sweet little sheltie mix I rescued in 2007. The mom and dad got a divorce and there just wasn't time for Dobbie (who is now called Toby). Sharon took him in to foster and I stopped by this morning to see him.. I forgot how small and cute he was.. LOL!!

Well as of right now I have Molly, Marshall, Toby, Crash and Jingles to find homes for... I hope I can find homes for them soon. Oh and the two I am supposed to be getting.......

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