Monday, April 6, 2009

The wedding is only 75 days away!

The wedding is about 10 weeks away. HOLY COW! They have NOT started construction on the house yet, the invitations went to the printer today, I have 9 six week old puppies and about to loose my mind.. LOL!!

No, not really because I lost that a long time ago when I got started in all this rescue crap.. LOL!!

The hardest thing right now is know I don't have enough foster homes so I will not be able to save as many dogs over the next few months. I am leaving for my bacheloret party in NYC soon. It is a weekend adventure.. what the hell am I going to do with all the puppies? Yea, going to have to pay for someone to watch them. I am so paranoid about that, I call home about 3 times a day from work to check on them. Then I have two other dogs I am fostering that need somewhere to go.. I think I should be ok with those and then there are ALL the dogs in shelters that I just can't say NO to but have to :-( UGH!

I keep thinking how many will die just because I am getting married. I am so excited about my wedding but at the same time feel haunted.


kate said...

When are you planning on going for your party? Maybe I could come up and take care of the dogs... let me know, I think maybe we could work something out.


~Andeelyn~ said...

Oh Good Gawd woman. DO NOT feel guilty about getting married and having a life!! When the time comes i am sure that we can figure something out. If i could find stackable kennels i could take a few extra to give you a couple days to enjoy yourself! What you do on a daily basis for these dogs is more than some would do for another human. Hang in there if we work together we can get ya through this!!