Friday, April 10, 2009


I did not sleep at all last night. The vet said he would call in the night if something happened but he didn't. However this morning at 7:50 he called.

The vet office closes at 7pm. His daughter (now a vet too) went in and checked on Hope around 10pm, no change. He checked her at 1am, no change. Then this morning at 7:30 when everyone arrives at the office she was standing and drinking water. She threw up the water but that is ok because she is hooked up on IV fluids.

Right now we have a 35% chance of survival. That is way better then the 20% chance she had yesterday. OMG! If you would have seen her yesterday... I was sure the phone call this morning wasn't going to be a good one. Some what feeling better but not totally!

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