Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evening check with vet

I did my normal routine of the last 2 weeks and stopped at the vet office after work. 6 are still strong and going. Dr. Fox thinks for sure I will be bringing two home tomorrow... Echo and I am not sure who the 2nd on is yet.. I didn't get to see them this evening.

I think we might be through the worse of it.. well besides the bill part.. LOL!

I am trying hard not to show how much this is bothering me but everyone who knows me at work sees me walking down the hall and is like "what is wrong!!" If only they saw me when I am alone.. I freaking cry there is no tomorrow. I really try not to do that in front of people, not even Tyler.

Poor Tyler.. I think he is ready to toss me overboard. I am driving him crazy.

I think I want ice cream for dinner.. will that make me feel better??

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KT said...

Amy, 1st congrats on your upcoming wedding! we wish you every happiness! also, thanks so much for all the wonderful work you do, because of it we have Daisy (aka Rita the Sheltie), who is just the most fabulous dog. hopefully Daisy will be able to attend your puppy party this year, i know she'd love to see you & give you some kisses! Karen