Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A bit frustrated

I am a little frustrated today. I have Jack Russells coming out of the wood work. We currently have
Sophie - fostered by Christie
Rascal - fostered by Andrea
Bobby - fostered by Elizabeth
Lucy - fostered by Margaret
Paige - fostered by Nikole
Butchie - fostered by Betty
Dolly - fostered by April
and I have at my house
Sarah (mom of puppies)
6 puppies

I have received what feels like a MILLION emails from people saying they need to get rid of their JRT for one lame reason or another. And I am getting email after email about a JRT in a kill shelter that if it doesn't find an exit plan will DIE!

I even received an email from someone wanting to re home their 16 year old JRT mix... 16 years old...... what!!!!!!??????

And I met a lady at my work a week ago who BOUGHT a JRT from a back yard breed. Great wonder how many of those I will end up with.. UGH!

I just can't keep up with all these JRT's. I can't believe how many are out there...

I did have 1 email from a women that has a 4 year old JRT that is "semi aggressive" is how she said it and she actually wants to know of a trainer to work with him. If I could reach through the computer and hug her I would have. LOL!!

At least there are some people willing to work things out with their dogs... at least there are some good people left in this world.

Then the thing that makes me the most sad / frustrated is when someone tries EVERYTHING to help, love, save, take care of a dog and it turns out they can't.

The animal control officer in Lorain Ohio (not really a great area... at least most of it), was called because some puppies were wondering in the street and in some one's yard. He went and collected up the puppies he saw.. 3 of them. He found who owned them. Apparently they have a female GSD (German Shepard dog) that had puppies. These puppies were about 10 weeks old and the other he already got rid of / sold / gave away. He told the animal control officer (ACO) to keep them, he didn't want them.

The ACO knew that if he took them to the pound they would never survive and God only knows what would come of them if they did survive being at the pound.

So, he called me and I took them in.

Roberto, Burrito and Tulip. They were all fixed and given shots and went to loving homes. There names are now Tripper who is 110 pounds, Ranger and Coco. Coco was the smallest of the 3 and had leg issues. Her owner spent THOUSANDS of dollars on her over 6 surgeries to correct her legs.

Two weekends ago they went to the park and played ball, hiked and had a great weekend. On Monday Coco was real tired and didn't feel like eating. The family called the vet office and made her an appointment.. something was wrong. The vet noticed a few lumps on her and sent the family to an oncologist. The oncologist gave Coco 1 week to live. He said that she was FULL FULL FULL of cancer and was in a lot of pain and the cancer was EVERYWHERE. It was in the final stage and there was nothing they could do at this point.

Coco was put to sleep on Friday :-(

Here is a picture of Coco when I had her............

There are people in this world that would do ANYTHING for their pet. And there are people in this world who still think of them as an accessory or a piece of replaceable merchandise.

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