Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spay / Neuter thought........

You hear over and over again why you should fix your pet.. too many dogs in the world, cancer, behavior, ect.

Let's put it into prospective for just a moment.

You have a dog.. a female. She "accidentally" gets pregnant. She has 4 puppies. Normally a TRUE accident is around 2 - 4 puppies. Larger litter come when the dog has had several litters and / or has been allowed to just "do whatever" for lack of a better way to explain it. So for the purpose of this lets say 4 puppies. 2 girls, 2 boys.

You give away / sell / dump the 4 puppies. The two female in 6 - 8 months will come into heat. They aren't fixed either. They "accidentally" get pregnant. They have 4 puppies each.. so that is 8 puppies. Let's say one has all boys and the other has all girls. So that is 4 more female dogs in this world.

Again the owners of those puppies give away / sell / dump the 8 puppies. In 6 - 8 months the 4 girls come into heat and "accidentally" get pregnant. Again let's say they each have 4 puppies... that is 16 more puppies in this world.

Now math time....

Dog #1 has 4 puppies.

In 8 months the 2 females get pregnant, 9 weeks later have 8 puppies.. 10 months have passed.

8 months later their 4 female puppies get pregnant, 9 weeks later have puppies they have 16 puppies... 20 months have passed.

You now have 28 dogs in this world in LESS THEN 2 years because YOU did not fix your dog!

And this is ONLY counting the lives brought into this world by the FEMALES. The male dogs have been running neighborhoods pregnant God only knows how many females along the way.. they can obviously get more then one dog pregnant in a day!

So, please tell me one more time why people don't fix their dogs????


Volunteer said...

Whats the number 60,000?

Dog Rescuer said...

a female dog and it's offspring can produce 60,000 dogs in 6 years.

Lynn said...

By not spaying or neutering your animal you are contributing to the over population of unwanted dogs. This causes stray dogs to be hit by vehicles, killed by dog fights, tortured by kids with nothing to do, then there are the low life grown ups that torture, starve, chain, use for bait etc. And most of these dogs end up in kill shelters, where they are gassed, shot, heart stick or humanely euthanized for lack of space for the new bunch of dogs arriving every day because of irresponsible people. There are many groups giving certificates for FREE spay /Neuter surgeries, so there is no excuse for not taking your part in prevention.

Thoughts said...

Oh I know how you feel, it is SO ridiculous. I hate it when people start going off about wanting to breed their dog becuase he/she is "so special.'