Thursday, September 17, 2009

Example of how dogs are disposable

I am sure we have all heard of John and Kate plus 8 the reality TV show on TLC. Well last year in an episode the family bought 2 German Shepard Dogs from a back yard breeder... Ok, they tried to make it look all nice for TV. The mom and puppies were in large kennel runs with straw but you could see there were SEVERAL runs with many litters of puppies... UGH! Yea, thanks we need more dogs in this world.. whatever. That pretty much made me mad and I even thought about writing in to TLC to tell them how horrible it was but then remembered this is reality TV so it isn't like the producers could sit John and Kate down and explain to them that RESCUE is the way to go...

Anyways, John and Kate as we have heard on the news have gone through some rocky times in their lives and are now or are getting divorced.

So, guess what that means for the GSDs. Yep you guessed it they are being DUMPED! No longer needed or wanted. They were a great novelty item for the barely 1 year that they had them. I am pretty sure they were purchased in Oct at 8 weeks old.

Here is a picture of them being "hauled away" So, awesome let's look back on John and Kate plus 8 at all the wonderful things they have taught there kids and anyone watching the show.

#1. It is ok to be verbally abusive to your husband
#2. It is ok to cheat on your wife
#3. Don't work things out get divorced
#4. Buy dogs
#5. Dispose of them when you no longer want them.

And on a "dog" note lets look at ALL the things they did wrong when it comes to the dogs.
#1. Bought them
#3. I don't ever recall an episode where they took them to get fixed or hired a trainer (can anyone verify for me if they did or did not?? I honestly don't know)

And 7 million dogs die in shelter EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thoughts said...

This pisses me off SO BAD I cant stnad this family even more now. Plus the way those kids treated the dogs was terrible.

Those dogs got no attention exceopt the kids pulling their hair and ears and climbing on them. The poor things.

These people are deplorable and I hate them even more now. They should be ashamed of themselves.

9258 Photo said...

John and Kate are nothing more than white trash.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE!! When I watched the episode of them getting the dogs I was ticked and now I am really ticked and sooooooo not surprised! She never wanted the dogs and why would you BUY 2 young puppies for EIGHT children!

animal rescuer

House of the Discarded said...

Oh. My. God. I'm incredulous. Why is it when people go through life changes they feel the need to "clean house" and the family pets are the first to go?

The picture you posted of the dogs being hauled away breaks my heart.

I feel like a cartoon character with steam blowing out of my ears.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Jon is actually considering having the breeder breed one of the dogs (and neither one is currently spayed/neutered). As he is not taking care of the dogs, I have no idea as to why he would breed them (the money?). He is an awful man.