Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doggie status

***Deep breath***

So, it has been a mini vacation this week with 5 dogs at the clinic. PLUS two of my awesome foster homes came and took a dog... Paige and Jeff went to foster homes. YAY! That left me with Sarah and the puppies, Tucker and Bonnie.

***deep breath***

So relaxing.. LOL!!

On another good note. I have someone coming to meet Lucy on Friday. YAY! I might have someone interested in Bobby and Marge is hopefully getting adopted Saturday night after the party. The lady lives near Christie in Troy so Christie is taking Marge back with her to Troy.

Wish there was more interest in Billy and Brian. I mean geez they are just puppies.

Other then that things are slow this week...... I haven't receive too many requests for dogs in shelters that are going to die but I have received about 5 people wanting to dump. Hopefully they can work things out to keep the dog. I gave each of them suggestions and tips so hopefully they will be able to work things out.

I THINK I might be getting a dog today but I don't know yet. Still waiting to hear for sure.

On another note I am trying to stay calm about the party. I know it will all come together.. I am just not good about waiting to get things done.. ya know what I mean? I hate when things are hanging over my head and I can't just get it all done and set up now.. LOL! I am sure everything will be fine.

Karen is coming over today to drop off the agility course. YAY! That is going to be so much fun :-)

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