Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's raining men.. I am mean Jack Russell

Holy crap what the hell is going on?? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Getting in 5 more JRT's.. 3 tomorrow and 2 Saturday I guess. Oh and there is another one I want in Paulding County so got to figure out how to get that one.

Where are all these JRT's coming from... anyone know?

Adoptions are still slow.. I mean I had 3 adopted Saturday and um... Dolly might be getting adopted and I have a few applications but are people really serious? I don't know? Are they GOOD applications... yea some are, some are OK and some not a snow balls chance in hell my friend!

On top of life, trying to spend more time with my husband. Who has been great by the way.. he has been doing stuff so I don't have to.. like watering the dogs or carrying food back to the kennels or vacuuming the house.. I vacuum everynight.. I can't stand dirty floors. Everything else can be dusty (well not really) and cluttered (this is true sometimes) but I dirty floor. UGH! Can't sleep.

I think I need medication.. LOL!!

Ok, a few funny stories for this week. Remember I am a volunteer.

I had a women contact me because her friend's neighbor had a stroke and has a JRT. The neighbor can't take care of the JRT because of her stroke. She asked if I could help by taking the JRT in. She said she would take the JRT but she has a cat, a dog and works full time.

I told her I would be happy to take in the JRT. I don't normally take in owner surrenders but for special situations where it isn't the person's fault that the dog needs a new home I will take the dog in. I told her what city I live in and that I work full time so the dog can be dropped off to me M - F after 6pm or anytime Saturday or Sunday. I also told her if the dog was aggressive AT ALL towards people or other dogs I would not be able to take it.

The women emailed me back and said "I told you my situation. I do not have time! You need to go pick up the dog."

WHAT!!!!!???? My response to her was that she emailed ME looking for help not the other way around. I then explained my situation and told her she can bring me the dog if she wants me to take it but I am not going to pick it up!

She thanked me for what I do and said she would talk to the neighbor and get back to me with a time when she could bring the dog. I haven't heard back.

THEN I had a person what wants to adopt say to me "Amy you don't understand you bringing the dog to me is the difference between a dog finding a home and not finding a home."

He said that because I refused to drive the dog to him. I said to him "NO YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND. I am a volunteer. My work and my family NEED to come first. If I don't have a job, I don't save dogs and where does that leave the dogs? Dead!" Comes down to the fact the guy doesn't want to drive 3 hours to my house. He keeps asking for a discount on the dogs too. Seriously???!! I am not JCPenny's they don't go on sale. And 3 hours. LOL! I drive that just picking up dogs from the vet clinic and taking them to foster homes. Not to mention I have had people drive from up state NY, Chicago, Indy, hell one lady flew from Florida picked up a dog and flew home TWICE! She has two of my dogs... they surf now.. so funny.

THEN I have another rescue person... or at least that is why she calls herself.. tell me what I should and should not due and blah blah blah. Listen lady you live in a different state 8 hours away from me and you don't even take in dogs. GO AWAY! UGH! Sometimes in rescue I feel like I am in High School dealing with spoiled rich kids.


HAPPY NOTE! Earl.... the dog I got a few weeks ago who I think was a puppy mill breeding dog. he barked and played with a toy yesterday. WOOHOOO! And he is off the leash now :-)


~Andeelyn~ said...

YAY Earl!! it is so amazing when they make those first steps to actually being a dog :)

k8_is_great said...

I just saw the puppies on petfinder, they look huge! How many pounds are they?